Energy and Focus Booster, N-V1
Energy and Focus Booster, N-V1

Energy and Focus Booster, N-V1

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The new and improved N-V1

Imagine an energy drink, in a mint

N-V1 is a world first energy mint.

Delivering instant focus and energy with a minty fresh experience.

Make no mistake, this is only used only when necessary.

N-V1 is here to enhance your productivity on those days that count

When you need energy on demand.

Whether it's a long day of work in the office, on the tools, driving all night or on night shift. We've got your back.

Ditch the energy drinks and switch to N-V1

No sugar and no acid.


Chew 1-2 tablets before you need to perform

Use only on days when you need that extra boost of energy

30 Mints per pack


Contains Caffeine: 50mg per mint


Consult a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have high blood pressure or a heart condition

Not a substitute for sleep

May have laxative effect

Do not take with alcohol

Do not use if tamper evidence seal is broken