Frequently Asked Questions

About AlphaCell

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AlphaCell was launched by pharmaceutical insiders that saw a problem in the market.

Too many cheap and ineffective supplements made by big pharma companies ripping off the customer.

We wanted to create something that was ours, with honest and ethical values.

You upgrade everything else in your life, why not upgrade your supplements?

1. The products must work.

Each ingredient selected must not only be an effective ingredient, but they also work synergistically to complement each other as well as being clinically dosed based on research.

This is why our formulas are transparent and we encourage users to research each ingredient themselves if they have any doubts.

2. Australian Made

AlphaCell prides itself in being an Australian Made as we believe Australia manufactures the best quality supplements in the world.

3. Eco friendly.

There is enough plastic in the world and our environment should not come at the sacrifice of our health.

AlphaCell chooses to minimize single use plastics and pack products in Eco-friendly Glass bottles.

Not only is it better for the environment, it is also B.P.A Free and it provides superior protection of the ingredients inside from heat, UV, and light. Keeping the products fresher for longer.

Products are also vegan friendly

Our products are either

1. Unique formulas

- The product is a an original formula not found anywhere. We blend the most effective ingredients together to provide a truly comprehensive product to cater for your needs

2. Best Value

- If the product is an existing formula, we will provide the product at the best value possible.

AlphaCell is here to support you to live that active, high-energy, daring, and high-performance lifestyle for as long as possible!

AlphaCell Labs products are produced to the highest standards. From rigorous testing to our environmentally-conscious practices, you can trust AlphaCell Labs to provide an industry-leading and world-class supplement that will revolutionize your life as you know it. 

About ATZ

FAQs about ATZ

Ashwagandha, Theanine, Zinc

ATZ contains 8 ingreidents but these are the 3 key ingredients.

ATZ is a full spectrum relaxation product. Meaning not only does it relaxes you from the mental stand point by altering your brainwaves into a peaceful state, it also relaxes you from a hormonal standpoint by reducing cortisol.

The Ashwagandha used organic and patented by Sensoril. Containing 10% withanolides, while most of the ashwagandha products on the market contain less than 2% withanolides

Ashwagandha is adaptogenic, meaning it usually takes some time before the effects can be felt. However, we paired this with theanine so you can feel the effects within the hour of using it.

We have also enhanced the absorption by adding in black pepper.


ATZ is designed to reduce stress levels.

Lower stress helps you transition into sleep as you will relax your mind

It will also help you sleep deeper.

Jet lag is caused by a disturbance in the circadian rhythm (body clock)

Although ATZ does not reset the circadian rhythm, it can help you feel more energetic with lower hours of sleep.


ATZ is non sedative, and contains theanine which pairs well with caffeine. You actually get a pretty cool effect of focused energy.

About NMN

FAQs about NMN

Nicotinamide mononucleotide - Let's do ourselves a favor and call just it NMN

NMN is a precurser to NAD+

NAD+ helps convert food to energy but also plays a crucial role in
maintaining DNA integrity and ensures proper cell function to protect our bodies from aging and disease.

NMN is a smaller molecule than NAD+ which makes it more ideal to supplement with.

1. Purity

AlphaCell NMN uses pharmaceutical grade NMN with a verified purity of above 99% in each batch.

2. Dosage

AlphaCell NMN is dosed at the max strength of 500mg per capsule

3. Packaging

AlphaCell NMN is packed in an eco friendly glass jar which provides superior protection against UV, heat and light.

NMN is suseptible to heat and our glass bottles are rated high for UV protection

4. Value

We provide the most competitive price for pharmaceutical grade NMN in Australia in glass bottles

NMN value is calculated by price per gram. Which is the price of the product divided by amount of grams.

AlphaCell NMN is more competitive than any other pharmaceutical grade NMN in the world.

Store the NMN below 25C in a dry and dark place.

You can store any excess bottles in the fridge for extra assurance

Everyone's body is different. NMN is designed as a long term approach to improve health.

Small improvements are not felt by the day, but are experienced over the years.

E.g. Eating a healthy for 1 week will not show many improvements, but eating healthy for your whole life will.

The raw materials are 3rd party tested for purity and heavy metals.

The finished product has a Certificate of Analysis

About N-V1

FAQs about N-V1

N-V1 stands for Nootropic Version 1

This is because just like everything in life evolves, we believe your daily lifestyle supplement should also have the potential to evolve.

N-V2, N-V3 and so on...

We are always finding better ways to deliver an exceptional product.

So if we can upgrade the formula with superior ingredients, at better value for you, then why not?

Yes, N-V1 is safe, for women

Take N-V1 before performing on a task that requires focus, strength and energy.

The product contains caffeine so we recommend not to take this product 10 hours prior to sleep.