Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2 AlphaCell Labs
Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2
Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2 AlphaCell Labs
Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2 AlphaCell Labs
Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2 AlphaCell Labs
Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2 AlphaCell Labs
Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2 AlphaCell Labs

Micronized Resveratrol - 99% Pure, Micronized, Transresveratrol, With Black Pepper, D3 and K2

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We are a longevity community committed to helping you choose the right product so you can live a long and healthy life.

Here are 4 things to look out for look out for before purchasing resveratrol.

1. Feel the difference of pure trans resveratrol - your body deserves resveratrol that is above 99% pure

AlphaCell M99 only uses above 99% pharmaceutical grade trans-resveratrol to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness

3rd Party Test Updated: 7/2023

  1. Resveratrol vs Trans-Resveratrol 

Resveratrol and trans-resveratrol are sometimes confused because they are similar in structure.

Resveratrol is just the umbrella term of 2 types of geometric isoforms. a) cis-resveratrol, b) trans-resveratrol.

  1. a) Many companies use cis-resveratrol because it is cheap to make and they hope that consumers will not know the difference. Cis-resveratrol is the form of resveratrol that does not have any health benefits. These companies are hoping to capitalise on the fact that resveratrol has been shown to have some health benefits, and they are selling a product that is not going to provide those same benefits.

 Consumers should be aware that they may not be getting what they think they are when they purchase products that contain cis-resveratrol

  1. b) Trans-resveratrol is only the trans form of resveratrol that is active in the body. In addition, Research suggests thay trans-resveratrol is the form that has the health benefits of - longevity, reduced blood pressure, liver support, healthy aging, joint care and brain health.

If the resveratrol is cheap, or they do not specifically say trans-resveratrol. You may want to reconsider in order to get the effects you want.

AlphaCell M99 Resveratrol contains only 100% trans-resveratrol.

  1. Should I buy Micronized resveratrol or not? - One of the major issues is that resveratrol is difficult to absorb.

What is the point of a high dose of resveratrol if most of it won't be absorbed?

In order to maximize the chance of absorption of any dietary supplement or tablet, it should be micronized

Micronization is the process of making the ingredient into smaller micro particles to enhance the absorption of fat soluble ingredients.

Micronized trans-resveratrol has a much higher chance of being absorbed than non-micronized resveratrol. Super micronized resveratrol is even more effective as it is easier to absorb. It is important to make sure that you are taking a micronized or super micronized form of resveratrol in order to maximise the benefits.

Resveratrol is fat soluble, meaning it will not absorb in water, and it requires a source of fat to be absorbed.

  1. X-Factor - is there anything special about the resveratrol product? 

We micronized our resveratrol, and then took it an extra step further by adding black pepper.

Black pepper may not seem like an essential ingredient, but it can actually enhance the effects of resveratrol. 

Resveratrol is a compound found in grapes and other fruits that has been shown to have numerous health benefits. However, the body absorbs very little of it when ingested on its own. 

Black pepper contains piperine which further enhances the absorption of the resveratrol, making the tablets more effective

To top it off, we wanted to provide extra health benefits to your bones and heart so we also added Vitamin D3 and K2 into our formula of natural trans resveratrol tablets.

Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium, which is important for bone health. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, helps to prevent calcium build-up in the arteries and other tissues. Together, these nutrients offer a variety of benefits for bone and cardiovascular health. In addition, studies have shown that adding Vitamin D3 and K2 to resveratrol will provide superior absorption - increasing absorption levels by up to 50%.

These additions make AlphaCell M99 the most comprehensive resveratrol 99 on the planet, optimised for longevity.

AlphaCell promises to give you the best longevity experience that money can buy.

Introducing M99 The world's best quality micronized, +99% pure trans-resveratrol with black pepper, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2

  • 3rd party certified:  Above 99% pure trans resveratrol
  • Induction sealed for freshness and purity
  • Competitive pricing in terms of cost per gram.
  • We accept returns as part of our 30-day money back guarantee
  • Discounts for returning customers
  • World class customer service, we will respond 24/7

Certified Australian Made. Experienced by the world

Why use resveratrol? Take charge of your health today with resveratrol 99

Don't let age slow you down.

Resveratrol is found to activate sirtuins, a family of signalling proteins involved in metabolic regulation. It is a powerful antioxidant with many benefits, including healthy ageing and anti-inflammatory effects. 

We want this to be one of the best health decisions you've made so you can come back healthier in a year and tell us about your awesome experience with pure trans-resveratrol.

Alphacell's resveratrol tablets are made from natural ingredients and are designed to provide maximum absorption, making our resveratrol tablets some of the best on the market. 

Simply take 1 capsule a day with a source of fat, and go on living that active, high energy, daring, and high-performance lifestyle for as long as possible!

If you're looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, try micronized resveratrol today.

How to make the most out of it

We don't get time back, now is the time to act.

M99 resveratrol is a high-quality supplement that contains 99% trans-resveratrol, the most active form of resveratrol. It is also free of harmful additives and fillers. Taking M99 resveratrol daily can help you achieve optimal health and improve your overall well-being. So commit yourself now to using M99 resveratrol as part of your daily routine for the best results.

Just like any other health routine, the effects compound over time, with discipline and consistency.

E.g. going to the gym 1 day is not going to do a whole lot, but going to the gym as a regular routine over years will significantly improve your quality of life. However, without consistency, results can regress.

Frequently purchased with AlphaCell NMN


Every M99 precision capsule contains: 

150mg, micronized, trans-resveratrol

5mg Black Pepper

800IU Vitamin D3

80mcg Vitamin K2

60 Capsules per bottle.

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What is the best form of resveratrol to take?

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to have a range of health benefits, including a healthy brain and healthy ageing. But what is the best form of resveratrol to take? 

Some forms of resveratrol are more easily absorbed by the body than others, and each person metabolises supplements differently. However, it is widely understood that trans-resveratrol is the most active form of this compound, making it the superior choice.

AlphaCell has recognised this and proudly produces 99% pure trans resveratrol tablets.

Should I take resveratrol in the morning or at night?

When it comes to taking resveratrol supplements, there is no right or wrong answer. Some people prefer to take their supplements in the morning, while others prefer to take it at night. The important thing is to make sure you are taking the dose recommended by your supplier to ensure you don’t overconsume unnecessarily. 

At AlphaCell, our micronized resveratrol tablets contain 150mg of trans-resveratrol and we recommend taking them daily.  

You have a choice of purchasing 2 months of resveratrol 99 tablets alone or a bundle of  2 or 4 months’ worth of resveratrol and NMN.