Best NMN Supplement: EVERYTHING You Need To Know Before You Take NMN

Best NMN Supplement: EVERYTHING You Need To Know Before You Take NMN

Every Question Answered About NMN Supplementation, From Research To Benefits, Dosage, Types and Where To Buy The Best Quality Supplement

Aging is an inevitability of life. We all get older, and with that increase of age we also begin to experience unpleasant side-effects that severely impact one’s quality of life.

And while a healthy lifestyle can be enormously effective in helping anyone to live longer, feel more youthful, and slow the aging process, there’s always that desire to find the perfect elixir or best anti-aging supplement that will truly unlock the fountain of youth.

Such a supplement full of anti-aging benefits may have finally been found in NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide.

And though that may sound like a mouthful, all will be explained in the following article.

Here’s just a few things you’ll discover…

  • How NMN supplements are used as an energy booster for your cells
  • How experts believe NMN works in reversing aging
  • The potential pros and cons
  • How to choose the best NMN supplement for your lifestyle
  • The top NMN products available on the market
  • Where to buy NMN

Ready to get started? 

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Introducing NMN For Anti-Aging

What is NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)?

NMN, which is short for nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a precursor to the highly-important and vital energy generating molecule called NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a coenzyme that is present in all cells and is necessary for activating anti-aging proteins called sirtuins.

NMN is a central component for many cellular functions.

What does NMN supplement do?

NMN, being a NAD + precursor supplement, has been shown to significantly increase NAD + levels in the blood.

What does this actually mean…?

It means, as a byproduct, a NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement can help fight against the natural aging process, (which degrades NAD + levels), by alleviating the effects of age-related problems which are often associated with low NAD + levels.

NMN Supplementation

How does NMN increase energy, vitality and put a spring in your step?

NMN anti aging supplements help you feel full of energy by increasing mitochondrial function and repairing DNA as NAD + (Remember: NMN Precursor to NAD +) is absolutely necessary to each of these processes.

If you’re chasing youth and want to feel fully alive everyday, scientists have discovered that older men are less likely to experience age-related muscular dysfunctions when taking NMN as it improves muscular strength and performance.

These are just a couple of examples of how NMN health products can keep you bounding with energy as you ‘mature’.

Yes… let’s go with ‘maturing’ (instead of ‘aging :)

By taking NMN pills (aka. supplements), for example, aging doesn’t necessarily need to be a process of ‘decline’, and a younger body with more bounce may just be easier to achieve than we ever expected.

What is a NAD + booster?

A NAD + booster increases the amount of NAD + in our body by providing the building blocks necessary for synthesizing this all-important compound for basic life functions…

… walking, jogging, bending, lifting, gym workouts, sex (yup, sex too)

As we age the levels of NAD + in our body decrease, which makes taking NAD + precursors beneficial for maintaining our energy.

These NMN and NAD + booster supplements can either be one or more of the following:

  • Nicotinamide riboside (NR), which is a type of vitamin B3
  • Nicotinamide mononucleotide
  • NAD+

How does NMN supplementation help with life extension?

One of the ways in which NMN acts as an aging supplement and supports longevity is with how it works in repairing damaged DNA (PARP-1).

Leading scientists believe that slowing aging has everything to do with protecting and repairing our DNA.

Especially since each time our cells split the protective ends of our chromosomes (called “telomeres”) begin to fray which eventually leads to genetic damage, further accelerating the aging process.

An NMN aging supplement helps activate the proteins that act as guardians to our genetic info as they rely on a steady supply of NAD + to function properly.

This means more spring, less bor-ing :)

Additionally, there have been studies of anti aging supplements such as NMN to improve symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients and reverse vascular aging.

Now that’s something worth ‘remembering’.

What does anti-aging expert and Professor of genetics at Harvard University David Sinclair (PhD) say about NMN?

Longevity researcher and professor of genetics at Harvard University, David Sinclair is world renowned as a one of the leading experts in anti aging science and his work has gained widespread attention over the years.

He has expressed an opinion that aging is a disease.

And, like most diseases, it can be treated and even reversed to restore our bodies and feel forever young.

Much of his studies center around the clinical trials of anti aging supplement NMN in mice and the results have even prompted continued studies in humans.

In his anti-aging book called Lifespan, David Sinclair declares: “There is no biological law that states we must age.”

He goes on to declare in his studies at Harvard that “The discovery of longevity genes showed that it is possible to greatly slow the pace of aging and disease by manipulating just one central pathway.

This raises the possibility that we can find small molecules that can treat multiple, seemingly unrelated diseases, with a single medicine”.

One such promising molecule is the NAD + booster NMN, which he himself routinely takes 1g of every day.

That’s nice to know… someone walking their talk, right?

David Sinclair also mentions how NMN and resveratrol tend to work synergistically. The activation of sirtuins requires resveratrol while NMN supplies the fuel.

This interview with Dr Sinclair is a must-watch:

Dr. Sinclair routinely supplements with a resveratrol NMN combination.

Why is Australian-Made NMN better?

Australian-made NMN is different.

The reason 3rd party testing is used in marketing for US made products is because the FDA does not regulate them, companies often do not put what is on the label and that's acceptable by FDA regulations.

Australian facilities have extra testing regulations to ensure quality, safety and purity.

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AlphaCell Labs Pharmaceutical-Grade NMN is 100% Australian-made

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NMN Vs Other Anti-Aging Supplements

Everybody wants to have a longer lifespan and to feel energetic all the time.

Nobody wants to get older, eventually having to give up the lifestyle that brings them the most joy.

You don’t want to be ‘the party pooper’, right?

This being the case, longevity supplements meant to fight aging are always popping up on the market making it quite challenging to stay in the loop of what works, what’s a waste of money, and what’s the difference between everything that’s available.

Here are some common questions and answers relating to NR, NMN, NAD + and how they can help you stay younger longer…

Is NMN really the best anti-aging supplement?

NMN anti aging supps are considered by many experts to be one of the best anti-aging supplements because their effects are more powerful than others for one particular reason... NMN causes a systemic increase of NAD +, leading to increased insulin sensitivity, reduced fat mass, increased muscle, improved immune function, and more.

Anti-aging supplements (NMN in this case):

NMN Vs NAD + Vs NR: What’s the difference?

The differences between NMN, NR & NAD + can be a little challenging to remember, especially with how each acronym looks almost exactly the same.

Here’s a quick breakdown regarding their differences:

  • NMN - “Nicotinamide mononucleotide” - naturally occurs in all organisms and is a NMN precursor to NAD.
  • NR - “Nicotinamide Riboside” - a form of vitamin B3 and also a precursor to NMN.
  • NAD + - “Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide ” - the final form of both NMN and NR, and what is abundantly used by enzymes in the Krebs Cycle to supply power to our bodies. It also creates hormones.

Is NMN better than collagen for looking younger longer?

In order to look younger, both NMN and collagen are great options, whether taken together or separately.

However, collagen may have a more direct youthing effect on the skin.

That being said, restoring NAD+ levels as we get older is vital for repairing skin damage from UV radiation, and such damage has been shown to be improved via NMN supplementation.

Currently, there are no studies directly comparing NMN against collagen.

Is NMN better than CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) for slowing aging?

Both NMN and CoQ10 (also known as ubiquinone — a lipid-like substance found naturally in each cell) have both been shown to help with age-related issues.

However, where their uses most diverge is where their effects are most often observed.

Generally, CoQ10 is used to alleviate high blood pressure, chest pain, and sometimes even heart failure.

But, current interest with CoQ10 is with its possible importance in anti-aging skincare, how it can restore a youthful look to one’s skin, and improve wrinkles.

And as of 2022, there has yet to be any studies directly comparing the uses of NMN and CoQ10, there appears to be more and more evidence advocating for the supplementation of NMN instead, especially with how coq10 does not appear to alleviate the oxidative stress often associated with the aging process.

Is NMN better than resveratrol for longevity?

If you had to choose between the best NMN and resveratrol supplements and pick just one, NMN by itself would likely be the better choice due to its numerous benefits.

Resveratrol tends to break down too easily in the gut, rendering bioavailability post oral consumption to less than 1%, while NMN is much more stable.

What’s more, resveratrol has a few potential side effects that NMN doesn’t, such as increasing inflammation and biomarkers of cardiovascular disease.

However, it’s worth noting that nicotinamide mononucleotide resveratrol combinations, as per David Sinclair’s research, are commonly taken together.

This is because the benefits of NMN and resveratrol have been shown to have synergistic properties.

The sirtuin proteins which protect our genetic code require NMN as fuel, but it is resveratrol that is first needed to activate those proteins.

This is why NMN and resveratrol supplements work well together (Just like a healthy diet couples well with a regular exercise routine to shield against aging).

For similar reasons…

Taking nicotinamide riboside and resveratrol together is common too, due to NR’s current popularity as a potential anti-aging solution.

However, this has not been shown to be as effective of a combination.

One reason is because NR is not as stable as NMN in the bloodstream.

As such, resveratrol NMN supplement combinations are believed to be superior.


Despite all the research currently being performed by scientists around the world, NMN, NR, resveratrol supplements taken all together is not a current recommendation.

Let’s roll with the experts on this one.

The same can be said for NAD +, NMN, resveratrol combinations, especially since taking NAD + as a supplement can lead to lessened insulin sensitivity and sirtuin protein activity.

Practice ‘smart supplementation’ to ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

In short, NMN and resveratrol benefits include greater activity of the DNA protecting sirtuin proteins and a heightened anti-aging effect.


If you had to make the choice between a NMN and resveratrol supplement, NMN as a standalone option is better than resveratrol by itself.

Is NMN better than DHEA for looking and feeling younger?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone created by the adrenal glands, which is then used to create male and female sex hormones, and it has received some attention lately for anti-aging properties.

However, when compared to NMN which has no side effects at all — as you’ll learn soon — DHEA comes with a few to be aware of like a potential exacerbation of liver and insulin issues.

Additionally, DHEA’s benefits towards aging-related problems have been minimal at best.

Pharmaceutical Grade NMN Supplements

What’s the difference between NMN and NR?

The best way to think about the difference between NMN and NR is that NMN is “one step ahead” of NR.

During the breakdown processes inside the body, NR is first converted into NMN before it is then metabolized into NAD+.

Here’s a simplified version of the metabolic process:

NR => NMN => NAD+

NMN and NR supplement benefits can be quite similar in some ways but still retain their independent makeup which is significant enough to separate them as supplements to take.

However, with nicotinamide riboside aging-related diseases are often less inhibited or not affected at all.

What’s the difference between NMN and NAD +?

The difference between NMN and NAD +, it’s easiest to remember that NAD + is the final step that NMN takes in the body to become metabolically useful.

NMN supplementation, then, helps to elevate NAD + levels to improve the processes NAD + is used for.


Pros And Cons Of NMN

NMN supplements side effects is an obvious topic of conversation, however, the research has shown that the benefits of taking it far outweigh the risks.

Read on to learn more about potential mononucleotide supplement advantages and disadvantages so that you’re making smart choices...

What has the research shown are the benefits of NMN?

Research of NMN supplement benefits are numerous. Primarily, it acts as a figurative elixir of youth by helping to slow or even reverse the effects of aging.

A NMN molecule supplement:

These are just a few nicotinamide mononucleotide benefits that can keep you on the healthy side of the aging-equation.

Are there any side effects of NMN?

To date there have been no recorded NMN supplements side effects in humans or animals.

This lack of a side effect profile has even been observed in daily doses significantly beyond the recommended consumption limit.

Good news :)

Is NMN supplement safe?

NMN is considered safe and is growing in popularity thanks to experts like David Sinclair promoting its many benefits.

Just like with any supplement, it's natural to think "is NMN safe?"... However, with trusted experts putting their name behind it, and backing it with credible science, the answer is clear.


Types Of NMN Supplements

Buy NMN Supplements

There are so many types of NMN supplements available it can be difficult at times to understand the differences between each and why one may be better than the other.

We’re here to outline all of them and give you the best information to help you make an informed decision.

What forms can you take NMN in?

The main forms NMN comes in are capsules, powder, tablets, NMN lozenges, pills, liquid, nasal spray, and sublingual.

Although each different form is still in essence the “same” NMN, there are slightly different properties to each that are worth being aware of, such as absorption efficiency, stability in the gut, and strength of effects.

As such, depending on your personal reasons for taking NMN, taking one form rather than the other may be better.

What is NMN powder and does it work?

NMN powder is a powderized form of NMN.

Compared to other types of NMN, powder has the lowest price but also happens to be the least absorbed form of NMN.

This is because stomach acid will frequently break down unprotected NMN before it can reach the tissues that need it elsewhere.

The effects of this form of NMN may be the weakest on the market, but it is still an effective option for those who may be on a tighter budget.

What is intranasal NMN and is it effective?

Intranasal NMN is the most effective method to directly increase NAD + levels in the brain, as it’s the only form of NMN able to bypass the blood-brain barrier.

This type of NMN requires nasal administration, usually as a spray, and also requires fewer doses due to its potency.

It also has fewer side effects compared to powderized NMN where the biggest concern is an excessive increase of NAM (nicotinamide - a sirtuin inhibiting compound in large amounts) due to early breakdown of NMN in the stomach.

However, this effect has not yet been observed.

Not only can intranasal NMN aid in maintaining a younger brain, early research is also showing promise at restoring some brain function post traumatic brain injury.

What is sublingual NMN and how does it compare to other types of NMN?

Taking NMN sublingually compared to other types of NMN may be more expensive, and it also may not be worth it.

Sublingually means “beneath the tongue,” so you simply place the NMN in liquid form under your tongue.

The theory goes, the liquid NMN supplement then dissolves, giving NMN the chance to be quickly absorbed by the blood vessels readily available just below the thin skin in the mouth.

There are also some nicotinamide mononucleotide tablets and powders that can be taken sublingually, too.

With this method, it is claimed that the sublingual NAD + quickly diffuses into the bloodstream and you feel the effects the fastest out of all other types of NMN.

Although this has not been proven to be true.

What is liposomal NMN and is it better than other types?

Similarly some claim that liposomal NMN is better than other types of NMN if you’re looking for a sustained release over a 24-hour period.

This is because the NMN comes packed in liposomes (a fatty shell resembling a cell membrane) it is absorbed much more efficiently without breaking down in your gut, leading to more bioavailable NMN.

NMN liposomal supplements are the top pick for potency, and they tend to come in two forms: Powders and liposomal NMN drops.

This also is not proven to be true. It is a matter of preference.

What is the best NMN delivery technology and method for your cells to absorb it most effectively?

NMN is a relatively new product, and absorption is not fully understood. Below is what is theorized:

The most effective NMN delivery method that allows your cells to absorb it most is one that utilizes liposomal technology.

In fact, the best liposomal NMN can multiply cell uptake of NMN by up to 10 times if the manufacturing process is good enough. [Reference: Liposomes as Advanced Delivery Systems for Nutraceuticals]

What is NMN made from?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide’s chemical structure is made from a nicotinamide group, a ribose sugar, and a phosphate group.

Altogether, molecular structures like this are called ribo-nucleotides — the building blocks of RNA.

In most organisms, to make NMN, vitamin B3 is the direct precursor material needed.

Because of this relationship, NMN vitamin confusion is common amongst the general population.

All you need to understand is that there is no B3 vitamin-NMN equivalency — they are different substances.

Is all NMN the same?

Chemically speaking, all NMN is the same.

However, when it comes to product quality and the enzymatic process and ingredients used in the manufacturing of NMN, the end result can yield different results with respect to purity.

Pharmaceutical standard NMN is where the purity is above 99%.

What kind of NMN does David Sinclair take?

The kind of NMN supplement David Sinclair takes is a hotly discussed topic, with him being the leading expert for anti aging science.

At his lab at Harvard, NMN/NAD/resveratrol research is regularly carried out by him and his team to better understand their effects on the aging process.

However, to date, David Sinclair recommended supplements do not include any specific brand, product, or category as he makes it a point to avoid making such endorsements.

This is because, in his own words, “... if I say a name of something, it’ll immediately appear and be used to sell products. And I can’t have that. And, certainly, Harvard wouldn’t be pleased either.” [Reference: David Sinclair’s Personal YouTube Channel - Video 45:30 mark]

Instead, he mentions that the best NMN supplement is one that adheres to GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices.

He also clearly states that he doesn’t actually “buy” his NMN in the typical sense — it comes directly from manufacturers.

Despite a lack of specific product recommendations, David Sinclair anti-aging supplements include things like:

  • NMN
  • Micronized Trans resveratrol
  • metformin
  • vitamin D3
  • vitamin K2
  • statins
  • alpha lipoic acid
  • CoEnzyme Q10
  • low-dose aspirin

For dosage, he prefers to take nicotinamide mononucleotide 1000mg daily.

Have you seen how young he looks for his age by the way?

He must be doing something right!

Also, David believes that resveratrol and NMN supplements taken together is a good choice.

This is because his research and personal studies have shown that NMN plus resveratrol has a synergistic effect on sirtuin gene expression.

NMN is the “fuel,” while resveratrol is the “gas pedal.”


Taking NMN

Now that you know a lot more about nicotinamide mononucleotide anti-aging properties, how it works, and its overall safety, it’s time to learn how best to take it or even boost NAD + levels naturally.

Let's go...

What type of container should the supplement company store the NMN in to best preserve its quality?

To best protect NMN after production, the supplement company should store it in an amber glass jar if possible, as the plain white plastic containers of other supplements are not ideal for storage.

These amber glass jars protect the NMN from UV, heat, and light damage, especially if they are in capsule form.

The jar should then be kept in a cool, dry place. Below 25 Celsius

Regardless, all NMN should be stored in their original containers away from water or moisture, as this can cause degradation of the product.

Also, refrigeration is highly recommended to preserve maximum potency.

What dosage should I take of NMN at a time?

NMN can be taken in many different dosages, such as the minimum recommended daily dosage of 125mg, twice daily.

For a quality NMN supplement, 500mg per day is in line with most general recommendations, with many supplement manufacturers also creating products to reflect this recommendation.

However, 1000mg NMN per day is also what David A. Sinclair supplements with.

Is a dosage of NMN of 500mg or 1000mg better for a man vs a woman?

A dosage of NMN 500mg may seem to be a better choice for women at first, but so far there has been no hard evidence suggesting any difference in dosage needs between men and women.

Dosing with NMN 1000mg is more of a personal choice, but as always, check with your doctor first before increasing the amount you take each day.

Also, when it comes to finding the best NMN supplement, 1000mg is a rarity in one dose, so is usually consumed over two doses of 500mg, twice daily.

Should I take NMN in powder form, liquid, sublingual or nasal spray?

You should take the NMN dietary supplement type that aligns most with your personal goals.

There have been claims where, if you are most interested in quick absorption for elevating your energy, NAD + sublingual applications are the best method. However, there needs to be more research to prove this claim.

Likewise, there have been reports, you desire to clear up brain fog and to directly increase levels of NAD in the brain, the NMN supplement best for that would be nasal spray varieties. There also needs to be more research in this method of delivery.

And while the short-term effects may differ, any high quality NMN will have similar effects in the long-term when taken regularly.

What is the best time to take NMN supplements?

NMN can be taken at any time of the day, once or twice daily. There is no current recommendation on an exact time to take NMN.

That being said, there is some current research suggesting that taking NMN 6 hours after waking may lead to the most effective intake. [1, 2]

Should I take Trimethylglycine (TMG) with NMN?

Trimethylglycine (TMG) is only recommended if you’re taking very high doses of NMN, as it can help with your body’s natural methylation process.

TMG stacked with NMN is believed to limit any side effects that may occur with powdered NMN, though it may not be as necessary for NMN types more readily absorbed by the bloodstream.

How does taking NMN boost NAD + levels?

A NMN NAD booster increases NAD + levels in the body by supplying the materials needed to synthesize NAD +.

This is because NMN is a direct precursor to NAD +, so a NMN booster will have a direct effect on NAD + levels.

How can I boost NAD + levels naturally?

If you prefer to increase your NMN intake naturally, there are many foods that contain micro amounts of it, but keep in mind, it may not be enough to ward-off the effects of aging.

This is why supplementation is a popular way to top-up NMN, just as Harvard professor David Sinclair recommends.

NMN natural sources include:

  • Fermented foods
  • Unprocessed honey
  • Broccoli
  • Edamame
  • Cabbage
  • Avocados
  • Tomatoes

On your next grocery run, consider the above NMN food list for topping up naturally on NMN, potentially in combination with a high-quality supplement

However, remember that nicotinamide mononucleotide in food is only found in trace amounts.

You’ve seen those supplement photos where they have a wheelbarrow full of spinach on one side of the photo with one capsule containing the same ‘amount’ spinach on the other side of the photo?

It’s a bit like that with NMN.

So eating NMN foods alone will likely not be enough to boost NAD levels naturally.

Finally, the way you can achieve the best NMN-to-NAD process is by first optimizing your metabolism’s current synthesis pathways through exercise, diet, and avoiding things that may decrease NAD.

Is Niagen the same as NMN?

Niagen and NMN are not the same thing. NMN niagen combinations are possible because niagen is in fact a form of nicotinamide riboside (NR)

Niagen NMN confusion is common, so just remember that Niagen is composed of NR.

Can you take NAD + and NMN together?

Taking a NMN and NAD + supplement together is possible, but not recommended.

Remember, ‘follow the experts’ (like David Sinclair) when it comes to supplementing right.

Unless of course, you’ve got a pretty awesome lab yourself? hehe :)

NAD +, NMN, supplement combinations are tempting to take because since NMN is eventually converted to NAD in the body anyway, taking NAD + would make sense as a way to “skip the middleman.”

However, NAD is much too large of a molecule for the gut cells to uptake.

Additionally, it is broken down in the gut rendering it useless for anti-aging purposes.

Therefore, a dual NMN, NAD + supplement should not be taken together.

Is NMN the same as NAD+?

NMN and NAD+ are not the same. Also, NAD and NMN are not the same.

That may seem repetitive, but it’s helpful to understand that outside of scientific research NAD and NAD+ are essentially the same thing.

Allow me to explain…

NAD is in fact both NAD+ and NADH (NAD in addition to a “hydrogen” atom).

Together, this is a “redox couple” which is a term in chemistry that refers to the oxidized and reduced forms of a molecule.

Just as well, NMN is the direct precursor to NAD + that can help ensure your body has adequate NAD + by providing its necessary building blocks.

So, although NAD + and NMN supplements can easily be confused for one another, having this background knowledge will help you better understand their differences.

Can NR and NMN be taken together?

A NR and NMN supplement can be taken together, but as of 2022 there are no studies testing or suggesting this combination directly.

Before NMN became the focus of current longevity science, nicotinamide riboside anti-aging properties were at the forefront.

However, there is recent evidence suggesting that even the best nicotinamide riboside is not as effective as NMN instead, seeing as how NMN is more stable than NR and it elicits more beneficial effects on aging-related symptoms.

There are even a few products out on the market that combine the two together in the same powder or pill — NMN Plus Supplement is one such example.

But, in addition to the previously mentioned instability of NR in the bloodstream (it’s mostly broken down to NAM), it’s also recently been shown that NR doesn’t actually increase lifespan in many mice studies.

As such, a NR, NMN supplement combination may simply be a waste of money at best.

So although these two supplements can be taken together, and there is no danger in doing so, we do not recommend taking a dual NMN, NR supplement.


Buying NMN

Are you able to distinguish between NAD, NMN, NR now? Are you ready to make your purchase and start feeling young again?

Not so fast!

In order to make the best-informed decision and help you avoid the fraud the longevity industry is fraught with, we’ve compiled a buyers guide comparing brands, NMN delivery technologies, prices, and more.

There’s even a list of some of the best NMN products on the market for you to choose from. (these are listed below)

Where should I buy NMN supplements and where shouldn’t I buy them? (or get advice from)

Before you buy nicotinamide mononucleotide you should find manufacturers that others already trust.

First, ensure that the company you plan to buy NMN aging products from has products and materials that undergo strict third-party testing.

Next, the primary ingredient of any NMN supplement should of course be . . . NMN.

This is the trouble with buying from many of the most popular brands found on Amazon. According to this report, 64% of these low-cost products do not contain as much NMN as they claim to.

In short, before you buy an NMN supplement confirm:

  • The company can produce lab reports
  • That the main ingredient is NMN
  • The company’s reviews are positive and legitimate
  • How the NMN is stored
  • The quantity of NMN contained in each serving

What are the dangers of buying cheaper NMN supplements?

Perhaps the biggest danger of buying cheap NMN supplements is the risk of the products’ ingredients having impurities like heavy metals or even banned substances that lurk inside them.

Third-party reports performed by researchers have routinely shown supplement contamination occurring like this more often than you may expect 

So, a NMN supplement being too expensive may be the least of your worries!

Instead, you should watch out for companies that fill capsules with fillers that are not even what the label claims.

It’s also important to understand that there is not a single NMN supplement FDA approved.

This is why so many people demand a 3rd party test, because supplements are not regulated in many countries.

What is a typical price range I can expect to pay for NMN?

Typically, NMN supplement prices can range between $4.5 dollars per gram to up to even $20 dollars per gram.

Cheaper does not mean worse, and more expensive does not mean better. The most important thing is to see if you can trust the company producing the NMN.

It is possible to find NMN supplement for sale for dirt cheap prices, but many of these companies have been exposed for not containing any NMN in their capsules.

Conversely, paying an expensive price thinking you’re getting the top NMN supplement may just be paying your money into the hands of a greedy business trying to get the most profit possible.

Are there any NMN products to completely avoid?

The main NMN products to completely avoid are the ones that contain fake or even adulterated ingredients. Many found on Amazon

How do I choose an NMN?

Most researchers suggest choosing a NMN supplement manufacturer that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices, as this ensures that the product is created to the highest quality standards.

Next, choose a company or product that provides the best nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement dosage, usually at least 250mg to 500mg per serving, and one that also has many stellar reviews.

Finally, even if you’ve searched “NMN supplement near me” and have found nothing nearby, a trustworthy company that is completely transparent will be more than worth the shipping costs.


What is AlphaCell Labs Pure NMN? 

AlphaCell Labs offers a pharmaceutical grade NMN stored in an amber glass bottle, which means no plastic toxins and no BPA contamination, and ideal protection from light and heat.

Our NMN also has the best cost-per-gram value on the market.

Each of our precision-dosed capsules holds 500mg, making it the best NMN supplement Australia has to offer..

A rigorous testing procedure, eco-friendly practices, and more are all reasons you can put your trust in AlphaCell Labs to supply a world-class supplement that’ll revolutionize your life.

Here the details on our product:
Dose: 500mg per capsule
Form: NMN pure encapsulations
Contains: 32 capsules or 60 Capsules per bottle


  • The world’s best priced Pharmaceutical Grade NMN
  • Free form dairy, soy, and gluten
  • Packaged in BPA-free glass bottles
  • NMN max NAD booster formula
  • Australian supplier
  • No additives

Using our NMN is the simplest way to keep living the active, high energy, daring, and high-performance lifestyle your desire for as long as possible.

Which brand is best for NMN?

We know you're shopping around researching other brands too, so in addition to our top quality brand and products, let’s look at some of the current NMN best brands available on the market today:

Best value NMN: AlphaCell NMN

AlphaCell provides pharmaceutical grade NMN of above 99% purity, packed in glass bottles at a very competitive price per gram rate especially when bought in bundles. Further discounts are then given to returning customers.

Best bulk NMN: AlphaCell NMN Bulk

A bulk purchase of any NMN will cost you more than you might expect, but being able to get a year’s supply all at once can lead to massive savings in the long run.

AlphaCell NMN provides 100g bags of pure pharmaceutical grade NMN powder. This is for the enthusiasts that went to prepare their own dosage.

Best sublingual NMN: Renue by Science Sublingual Powder

GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) Certified and 100% vegan friendly, Renue by Science’s specially formulated sublingual powder avoids degradation in the gastrointestinal system by completely bypassing it.

All of their products also undergo multiple rounds of the third-party testing, giving them multiple certificates of strength and purity.

Best Quality NMN Supplement: AlphaCell NMN

All AlphaCell products come with their company guarantee — that the purity and quality of their products will maintain their status no matter how long it takes to arrive at your door.

It’s a bold statement, but they’ve repeatedly and continuously backed it up through their testing process.

It’s also why they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, too.

Strongest NMN: Original Liposomal NMN Elixir - QuickSilver NAD+ Platinum

Supplying a unique formula that promotes NAD generation, the activation of sirtuins, and methylation, QuickSilver’s products focus on incredibly strong and fast-acting absorption via impressively small liposomes — less than 100nm each — which begin to be absorbed as soon as they make contact with your mouth.

What is the top NMN supplement on the market in 2022?

The highest quality NMN on the market today are those made by Renue by Science and AlphaCell Labs.

You can read more about our’s (AlphaCell Labs) here.

NMN research (2022) has been some of the most comprehensive to date, especially with how all the news regarding NMN’s many benefits continue to make headlines around the world.

With experts like David Sinclair conducting research, NMN’s popularity is only set to increase as more and more people discover its potency as an anti-aging wonder.

The best NMN supplement (2022) has been decided through a combination of peer and user review.

Should I buy the NMN supplement in bulk?

NMN bulk supplements are a great option for those who plan to take NMN for the long-term and want to save the most money.

A NMN supplement bulk purchase will cost you a bit more up front, but will lead to greater benefits because you will also be able to take NMN more consistently.

You can also more easily vary your dosage to experiment with what level is best for you.

Just be sure to store your precious anti-aging NMN carefully so that it maintains potency throughout its shelf life.

What do NMN supplement reviews say about its effectiveness?

Here are a few NMN before and after reviews mentioning how effective they are:

. . . anecdotally, ’cause I’ve been taking this for a long time… If I don’t take it, I start to feel ‘50 years old’ .It’s horrible. I can’t think straight.” [David Sinclair’s answer, after being prompted by Dr. Andrew Huberman. Source:]

This NMN gives the right dosage per capsule as recommended by experts. Was using 250mg a day, didn't feel anything before. Ever since using 500mg, I feel much more energy.” [Scott F. — Review of AlphaCell Labs Pure NMN; Page 2]

I have a sister who’s three years older than I am, who is very enthusiastic about these protocols . . . And, she claims, and I believe her — she has a quite sensitive system and she’s very tuned into it — she feels far and away better when she takes it, as opposed to when she doesn’t.” [ Dr. Andrew Huberman — Source:]

At 52, my VO2 max (after taking NMN for 6 months) is equivalent to a 40-44 year old man in excellent health. My wife’s (50 years old) is equivalent to a woman who is in excellent health in her 20s. We are also doing better lifting weights in the gym.” [Richard, 52 years old - Modern Healthspan:]

Based on these reviews, it's clear that NMN treatment is effective for increasing energy, improving muscular strength, and elevating cognition at the very least.

Nicotinamide riboside supplement reviews often mention similar things, but with how NMN is beginning to show effects that far outweigh those of NR, there are also many instances of people choosing to take NMN instead as part of their aging prevention routine.

With the benefits people have experienced, as mentioned in some of the best NMN supplement reviews, it’s only a matter of time before the popularity and preference of NMN overtakes NR.



What does Joe Rogan say about taking NMN supplements?

Joe Rogan became most interested in taking a NMN anti-aging supplement when David Sinclair first appeared on his podcast to discuss the many reasons why it is a potentially revolutionary compound.

He learned that NMN benefits include not just an increase of energy, but an overall protection of our genetic code, along with the ability to reverse aging in some aspects.

Although Joe Rogan NMN supplement recommendations don’t come with any specific brand or type mentions, he does consistently recommend NMN and NAD boosting techniques in general.

Every morning he takes supplemental NMN as part of his supplementation routine.

In line with David Sinclair’s research too, he also takes NMN with resveratrol every morning.

When asked, Joe Rogan states that “NMN makes him feel energized and great.”

What NMN do doctors and medical experts say is the best?

For doctor best NMN, recommendations include consistent names like Renue by Science, and ProHealth and AlphaCell Labs

But remember to do your own research and read customer reviews to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Many doctors will say that the best quality NMN is the one that has the greatest likelihood of being absorbed by the body.

And that’s true.

But also remember to check if there’s any other additives in the supplement that you don’t want to be absorbing into your body.

As such, the NMN best supplement recommended by medical experts is one that utilizes liposomal delivery technology.

Many medical professionals also recommend dual NMN resveratrol supplement options, and also speak about stacking with trimethylglycine (TMG).


Wrapping Up

By now, you probably know that having an ageless, spritely body that’ll have you bouncing around again is all about increasing your healthspan — the length of your life you spend free from chronic disease and aging-related deterioration.

By now, you should know the differences between NAD, NR, NMN, how each of them are distinct compounds with specific purposes, and how they are broken down and absorbed by the body.

Just as well, hopefully you are now fully aware of the many benefits of nicotinamide mononucleotide, like increased energy and activation of sirtuin proteins to name a few.

With all the science coming out illustrating how compounds like NMN reverse aging, it’s easy to see how this supplement can be the newest, life-changing addition to your healthy-living routine.

Taking a NMN nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement has nothing but up-sides to it, so why not give it a try?

A renewed life full of health and vigor could be yours.

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