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When you choose AlphaCell, you're not getting just a supplement. You're committing to a way of life.

Nothing is going to get in the way of you choosing how you want to live your life.

Our products are engineered for you to live fearlessly

As long as you're breathing, you still have that fight in you

Staying alive is not the same as living life

So get up, you've got this.

My Story

This is my story. I funded my uni days by doing personal training.

Then in 2015, armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree, I landed a prestigious job in a Sydney based complimentary medicine company.

Packing bottles into boxes...

Obviously, they thought my big arms would mean big effort in putting bottles into cartons.

Here I "enthusiastically" folded boxes and packed bottles for 8 hours a day, every day of the week. Yes, even on weekends.

While most of the co-workers just packed, I took extra notice when doing this job.

Noticing the labels, the requirements for labels to be compliant. I asked a lot of questions. Why some countries have different labelling requirements, and so on, until I understood exactly what needs to go on a label.

Not just the fancy branding and artwork.

Although I was not the fastest packer, my supervisor took note of my personality and moved me into an admin role, where I started gathering experience in bits pieces of all areas within the company.

In the admin role, I liaised with many clients, especially international clients. It got to a point where they would prefer talking to me rather than their account manager as I was able to encourage the workers to pack products faster, while still being compliant with production regulations.

I would stay back and work on the documents so the clients could get it faster.

This effort promoted me to the role of export manager. Where I worked closely with the Australian Business Chamber, and multiple foreign consulates. 

I learned the requirements and procedure to get Australian Made products exported to various countries. I relayed client demands to the Research and Development team, explaining the kind of products that the customer wanted, the route of administration, characteristics and so on.

Research and Development was a double-edged sword. It was always the most exciting part to me, discovering new ingredients with health benefits. I spent many nights researching new ingredients, as well as learning how to identify reputable and fake suppliers.

However, it is also where I saw the dark side of large well-known brands, having cheap, ineffective formulas being sold on mass.

Although the ingredients were safe, it is common practice where the form of ingredient is not bioavailable (poorly absorbed), and the dosage is not nearly as enough to provide any benefits according to the research.

But because they could use these ingredients in clever marketing, they were able to sell it like crazy to unsuspecting customers for a high profit margin.

This did not sit well with me, as profits were placed before people in the health industry.

This led to value #1. The product must work. Health companies need to place people over profits by providing humans with ingredients that have real evidence.

The best brands source ingredient from suppliers that have their facility frequently audited properly, and have the ability to produce third party documents to prove their validity.

A business trip to Thailand, was set in place.

During that trip, I noticed a lot of plastic pollution in the beach. To my dismay, I saw a plastic bottle with a product made in our factory floating in the water.

This led to value #2- The products must be eco-friendly. 

I am completely aware that in this day and age, nothing is 100% eco-friendly. I drive a regular car, and I eat meat. I believe people free to do as they wish. I'm just doing what I can on a business level, based on my personal beliefs.

If we can do our part to reduce the suffering of our planet for our health, then we will. This is why all of our capsules are vegan friendly, and we use glass bottles, that can be recycled, and to reduce our plastic usage. 

Glass costs more to buy, and it costs more to ship. We have had cases where customers received their items with a crack in the bottle, which we gladly replaced. It's the cost of business, but to us, keeping our planet clean, keeping our home clean, is worth it.

A successful deal in Thailand impressed the managing director of the company.

But eventually, That company decided to manufacture the products overseas with an false Australian made label. They had technical issues down the line, but that's another story.

This situation, with my experience in a GMP certified facility in Australia led the final value #3. Products should be Australian Made.


It was time to pitch the idea.

Away from the traditional money grab products

Away from the cheap mass marketed products.

A new company.

For the ones who want to experience the true art of life, fearlessly.

For the ones who need an extra level of performance, energy and functionality to win the day.

For ones who care about Australian values, the nature, and the surroundings.

For those who are willing to commit to their long-term health, knowing it is the ultimate investment for life.

in 2019, We bring to you, AlphaCell Labs.

Premium lifestyle products. For the Alphas of the world.

Backed by a team of industry experts

Manufactured in Sydney.

Exported around the globe.



Pure NMN Supplements 500mg
Pure NMN Supplements 500mg
Pure NMN Supplements 500mg
Pure NMN Supplements 500mg AlphaCell Labs
Pure NMN Supplements 500mg AlphaCell Labs
Pure NMN Supplements 500mg AlphaCell Labs
Pure NMN Supplements 500mg AlphaCell Labs

Pure NMN Supplements 500mg

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