NMN Benefits: A Comprehensive List Of Research-Backed Advantages Of NMN For Health And Well-Being

NMN Benefits: A Comprehensive List Of Research-Backed Advantages Of NMN For Health And Well-Being

The benefits of NMN are becoming more known and have caused many people seeking anti-aging supplements to add NMN to their longevity protocol.

We’ve created this article to be the most comprehensive article on how NMN supplements benefit every area of your body, including brain, body shape, muscle health, heart health, skin, hair, nails, eyes and overall well-being.

So whether you’re male, female, young, middle-age or elderly, you’ll discover the benefits of NMN supplements and how they can potentially help you to be a better, healthier version of yourself.

Let’s get started…

What Is NMN Exactly?

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) is a molecule found in several foods including broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, avocado and edamame, however the concentration of NMN in foods is about 1mg per 100g.

NMN supplements on the other hand contain various dosage levels of anywhere between 250mg per serving up to 1000mg per serving.

The recommended dosage of NMN for men and women is around 500mg per day.

NMN is also a precursor to NAD+ which is a coenzyme that is involved in many different processes within the body.

Once consumed, NMN is distributed throughout the body to tissues and organs.

It has even been present in cells since embryonic development.

Research shows that NMN supplementation may have positive effects on everything from brain function to weight management, muscle health, heart health, anti-aging, testosterone levels, insulin sensitivity, energy levels, eye, hair, and skin health.

Pros Of NMN On Brain Health

In several studies, NMN is reported to have potential positive effects on brain health, function and overall cognitive health in both animals and humans.

For older people, research shows that NMN health benefits may include cerebromicrovascular endothelial function which in turn may lead to better cognitive functioning.

This is particularly exciting in an age where brain diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer's are on the rise.

Can NMN even be protective for your brain?

The research seems to indicate yes…

One study reported on Cell.com revealed that NMN improved several neuronal brain functions including plasticity of synapses and overall cognitive performance.

Another study revealed that NMN increased NAD+ levels in the brain.

NAD+ is linked to improved mitochondrial function and reduced oxidative stress, two things linked with aging.

What about learning and memory?

Animal studies have indicated that NMN can help improve learning ability and memory.

So if you love learning new things from job skills to languages, as well as retain new information for longer, NMN may help support such personal and professional development.

NMN research is still in its infancy but the potential benefits of NMN for brain health so far are promising for people of all ages wanting to optimize brain function and health.


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How NMN Supports Weight Loss And Weight Management

If you’ve tried to lose weight through endless dieting or just struggle with weight management in general, NMN may provide the extra support you need.

NMN for weight loss is growing in popularity as studies linking NMN with weight loss continue to shed new light on these exciting developments.

We all know that being overweight or obese are major risk factors for conditions like diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Therefore any intervention that supports weight loss is something to consider.

Research studies into weight loss and weight gain prevention through supplementing with NMN have shown positive results in animal models.

A study with mice led to a decrease in body weight and fat mass using NMN in addition to an improvement in insulin sensitivity.

But let’s find out the effect of NMN human trials…

A study of overweight and obese men and women revealed that NMN led to a decrease in not just body weight, but Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as waist circumference.

These effects were more significant in women than in men.

Why could this be happening?

The connection between NMN and losing weight could be the result of NMN increasing cellular energy metabolism and energy expenditure, leading to weight loss.

Advantages Of NMN On Muscle Health And Performance

NMN’s effect on muscle health, strength and performance is interesting, especially for athletes or those seeking optimum physical conditioning.

Although losing muscle mass as we age is inevitable, NMN may help slow the loss and extend your younger years that little bit longer.

Frontiers in Pharmacology published a study of researchers comparing exercise and NMN’s effects on muscle health in obese mice.

NMN was shown to increase NAD+ levels in muscles and the liver whereas exercise alone only increased NAD+ levels in muscle.

Two important factors in maintaining muscle health and function are glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, and the study revealed that NMN improved both.

Nature.com published another study with findings that NMN elevated blood NAD+ levels and positively alter muscle function in healthy older adults.

A Cell.com study also showed that NMN supplementation improved muscle function and increased lifespan in mice.

Overall, research seems to suggest that NMN may have several benefits for muscle health, including improved muscle strength and performance, increased insulin sensitivity, and improved glucose tolerance.

How Can NMN Improve Heart Health?

Possibly our most precious organ, our heart should be our number one focus if we’re to enjoy a long, healthy life.

Interesting studies have emerged that also link NMN and heart health through improved blood flow as well as possible protection against heart disease.

By stimulating glycolysis, a process that breaks down glucose for energy, one study showed that NMN can help improve overall heart function by increasing the production of ATP, an important molecule that provides energy to cells.

In addition:

  • NMN seems to have a protective effect on blood vessels
  • Is shown to reduce oxidative stress (a contributor to the development of heart disease)

A reduction in oxidative stress means improved blood vessel function which can potentially reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nitric Oxide Production

Another study found that NMN can help improve blood flow by increasing the production of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a molecule that helps dilate blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow.

This can help improve overall cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Overall, NMN has shown promising upsides for improving heart health and cognitive function.

However, more research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential benefits.

How NMN Assists Your Anti-Aging Goals

NMN is perhaps best known as an anti-aging supplement thanks to its ability to increase NAD+ levels.

NAD+ levels within the body decline as we age yet play an important part in many cell processes including repairing DNA.

NMN as a Precursor

NMN is a precursor to NAD+, meaning it can be converted into NAD+ in the body.

By supplementing with NMN, anti-aging devotees are aiming to increase their NAD+ levels for cell health.

Several interesting animal studies have revealed that increased NAD+ levels can improve:

  • Mitochondrial function (meaning more energy!)
  • Reduce inflammation (help prevent arthritis)
  • Increase lifespan (more time with friends and family?)

The potential anti-aging effects of NMN are certainly exciting and as more research comes to light we’ll learn even more about how NMN can potentially aid in longevity.

NMN and Boosting Testosterone

For men with either low testosterone or that want to boost their testosterone levels for strength, muscle mass or anti-aging, research into NMN and testosterone is showing some promising signs.

Testosterone plays a vital role in the development of male sex organs and secondary sexual characteristics including muscle mass and body hair.

It’s a hormone that is primarily produced in the testicles in men and in the ovaries in women and helps to regulate bone density, red blood cell production, and mood.

Studies have shown that NMN supplementation can increase testosterone levels in the body.

One study conducted on male rats found that NMN increased testosterone levels by up to 60% compared to the control group.

Another study on aging male mice found that NMN increased testosterone levels and improved muscle function.

So whether you’re hitting the gym and want to make sure your testosterone is supporting your muscle gains or whether you’re testosterone levels are decreasing with age and you’d like to feel younger and stronger for longer… NMN may be just what you’re looking for.

How NMN Supports Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the pancreas and is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels.

Insulin sensitivity refers to the ability of cells to respond to insulin and take up glucose (sugar) from the blood.

In people who are insulin resistant, their cells are less responsive to insulin which leads to elevated blood sugar levels and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

One of the interesting benefits of NMN is that it’s been shown to increase muscle insulin sensitivity, which can help people who are either prediabetic or have type 2 diabetes.

A study published in Science found that NMN increased muscle insulin sensitivity in prediabetic women.

In the study, 10 women were given NMN supplements for six weeks.

The results showed that NMN increased skeletal muscle insulin signalling as well as insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake.

The same study also found that NMN increased the expression of genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and function.

This suggests that NMN may have potential as a therapeutic agent for people with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

How NMN Helps You Gain More Energy

Let’s face it, we could all use a little more energy in today’s busy world!

And when we’re talking about energy, we’re talking about mitochondria, which are the energy powerhouses of every cell in our body.

A big plus of NMN is that it helps to increase the levels of NAD+ in the mitochondria, which in turn enhances their function and increases ATP production.

This means that supplementing with NMN may help to boost energy levels and combat fatigue.

In addition to its effects on mitochondrial function, NMN has also been shown to support processes involved in DNA repair.

This is important because DNA damage can impair energy metabolism, leading to reduced energy levels.

By promoting DNA repair, NMN may help to maintain optimal energy production in the body.

Advantages Of NMN For Eye Health

As one of our most important faculties, eyesight and eye health should be one of our top priorities, and NMN appears to help with this.

Through NMN’s ability to increase NAD+ levels, oxidative stress and inflammation can be reduced body-wide, including your eyes.

In addition, NMN has also been shown to have direct benefits for eye health.

A study reported in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity revealed that NMN eliminates senescent (aged) cells in a human experiment on macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease.

And in mice, NMN restored retina structure while simultaneously reducing senescence.

Outcomes Of NMN On Hair Health

Regardless of age, a healthy, shiny head of hair makes you look and feel great.

And while the beauty industry has a seemingly infinite number of solutions for thick, healthy, shiny hair, NMN is emerging as a credible supplement to improve hair health, texture and lustre.

One of the ways that NMN benefits hair health is by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

This increased blood flow can help to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, which can stimulate hair growth.

Additionally, NMN can help to reduce inflammation in the scalp, which can contribute to hair loss.

Keratin Production

Another way that NMN promotes hair health is by supporting the production of keratin, a protein that is essential for healthy hair.

Keratin helps to give hair its strength and elasticity, and it is also responsible for the color and texture of hair.

By promoting the production of keratin, NMN can help to improve the texture and appearance of hair.

Preventing Dry, Brittle Hair

NMN can also help to protect hair from damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution and UV radiation.

These factors can cause hair to become dry and brittle, which can lead to breakage and split ends.

NMN can help to strengthen hair and protect it from damage, which can improve its overall health and appearance.

How Can NMN Give You Younger Looking Skin?

Younger looking skin is what we all want but modern living seems to be working against us which is why additional support in the form of supplements can help.

With NAD+ levels declining as we age, this results in a decrease in cell function and an increase in cell damage.

As mentioned above, research shows that NMN may help to increase NAD+ levels, thereby improving cellular function and reducing cellular damage.

This, in turn, may lead to improved skin health and texture.

One study found that NMN improved skin texture in mice by increasing collagen production and reducing wrinkles.

Another study found that NMN supplementation increased skin elasticity and hydration in human subjects.

We know that chronic inflammation is a key contributor to skin aging and damage, and reducing inflammation may help to improve skin health.

NMN may also have anti-inflammatory properties, which could benefit skin health.

It’s important to remember that NMN should not be used as a replacement for proper skin care practices, such as wearing sunscreen and avoiding excessive exposure to UV radiation.

NMN’s Effect On Sleep Quality And Duration

Getting a full night of deep sleep is the foundation for health and well-being.

NMN studies have revealed that NMN can improve sleep quality, reduce sleep disturbances, and increase sleep duration.

This is because NMN supports the production of NAD+, which is essential for regulating the body's circadian rhythm.

With your circadian rhythm in sync, you’ll enjoy deep, restful sleep which in turn can increase your energy levels, motivation and overall feeling of well-being.

While NMN and sleep research continues, early results have shown promise.

Can NMN Even Support Disease Prevention?

Research has shown that NMN can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Because NMN supports healthy mitochondrial function, the flow on effect body-wide can potentially prevent any number of diseases from cropping up.

In fact, a resilience-based lifestyle including a healthy diet, smart supplementation and daily movement can potentially ward off many negative health outcomes through strengthening the gut, immune system and circulatory system.

Boosting Well-Being With Exercise And NMN

Combining fitness and strength training activities with NMN can be powerful force in keeping you looking and feeling younger for longer.

A head-to-head comparison of short-term treatment with NMN and 6 weeks of exercise in obese females found that the NMN supplement results included improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity to a similar extent as exercise.

The study also found that NMN had primary effects on metabolic outcomes, as opposed to secondary benefits caused by weight loss.

A high-quality nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement (NMN) may also enhance aerobic capacity in amateur runners.

A randomized, double-blind study found that NMN supplementation improved aerobic capacity to a greater extent than a placebo in amateur runners.

The study also found that NMN had stronger effects on hepatic fat metabolism than exercise.

Overall, the combination of exercise and a premium NMN supplement may have potential benefits in supporting balanced blood sugar as well as aerobic capacity.

NMN Benefits For Men

Men are always looking for an edge, whether it’s in business, health or otherwise.

And NMN is shown to have many health benefits as we’ve outlined so far in this article.

One of the most significant benefits of NMN for men is its potential to improve physical performance.

Studies have shown that NMN supplementation can help to increase aerobic capacity, endurance, and strength, all of which are important factors for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

In fact, one study found that NMN supplementation improved physical performance in older men, suggesting that it may be particularly beneficial for those who are aging and experiencing declines in physical function.

Healthy Aging

Another potential benefit of NMN for guys is its ability to support healthy aging.

As men age, they may experience declines in their body's ability to produce NAD+, a molecule that is essential for cellular energy production.

With NMN being a precursor to NAD+, it can help to support healthy NAD+ levels and promote healthy aging.

NMN Benefits For Women

For women seeking improved hormone balance, younger looking skin and a slim waistline, NMN appears to provide numerous benefits for women.


We know that fertility in women decreases with age but exciting new research has discovered that NMN benefits fertility by enhancing the quality and volume of maternal eggs and fertilization of them in a study on mice.

This means that NMN could provide a potential solution for improving female reproduction in later maternal years.

Age-Related Weight Gain

This study showed that NMN significantly suppressed age-associated weight gain in mice after 12 months without showing any signs of toxicity.

This is a promising sign for counteracting one of the common processes of aging, being an increase in fat mass.

Energy And Physical Activity

NMN supplementation may also improve physical performance in women through increased energy metabolism.

In a study with mice, NMN has been shown to increase energy metabolism and physical activity through its preventive effects against age-associated degradation.

For women committed to wellness, youthing and increasing physical energy levels whether for daily life or higher goals, consider NMN as part of a balanced longevity routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NMN good for?

In countless research studies, positive NMN effects have been linked to improved brain health, cellular aging, blood pressure, eye health, heart health, skin and hair, as well as organ function.

But possibly the strongest link is between NMN and longevity thanks to extensive research and publicity by Harvard researcher David Sinclair.

How could NMN benefit work performance?

NMN has been shown to improve cognitive function and memory in animal studies.

While more research is needed to confirm these findings in humans, it is possible that NMN could have similar benefits for work performance.

By enhancing brain function, NMN may help individuals stay focused and productive throughout the workday.

How could NMN benefit sexual health?

NMN has been shown to improve blood flow and increase energy levels in animal studies as well as testosterone levels in men.

While more research is needed, the health benefits of NMN could extend to the bedroom.

By improving blood flow, testosterone and energy levels, NMN may help individuals maintain sexual function and satisfaction.

What is the difference between NMN and NAD?

NMN is a precursor to NAD, which is a coenzyme involved in many cellular processes, including energy metabolism and DNA repair.

While both NMN and NAD have been shown to have health benefits, NMN is more easily absorbed by the body and can more readily increase NAD levels.

How could NMN make me look younger?

NMN has been shown to activate sirtuins, which are proteins involved in regulating cellular aging.

By activating sirtuins, NMN may help to slow down the aging process and reduce the appearance of age-related symptoms, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

However, more research is needed to confirm these findings in humans.

What are the benefits of NMN and resveratrol when taken together?

A study by Macau University of Science and Technology in China, published in Pharmacology Research and Perspectives revealed that combining NMN with resveratrol increases NAD+ levels in heart and skeletal muscle of mice whereas NMN alone did not achieve the same results.

Are there any NMN supplement side effects?

Like with any new supplement, there will always be scare-mongering tactics used by competitors raising fears around cancer, sleep, anxiety, headaches, liver, blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea, bloating and so on.

However, at the time of writing, there are no proven negative NMN side effects providing users stay within recommended daily dosage levels, just as is recommended with any supplement or medication.

Well known medical non-profit organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic as well as universities such as Harvard, Stanford or USC have not reported negative side effects of supplementing with NMN providing users stay within the recommended dosage.

NMN benefits and side effects will always be debated as individuals who take it each have a unique genetic makeup.

Therefore, each will report slight differences in feelings, symptoms and outcomes from taking NMN daily, weekly or on any type of schedule.

What does David Sinclair say are the top benefits of NMN?

David Sinclair, a leading researcher in the field of aging, has stated that NMN has the potential to improve cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and metabolic health.

Additionally, he has suggested that NMN supplements benefits may extend beyond anti-aging properties and could help individuals with many areas of the human body including organs, tissues and cells.

However, more research is needed to confirm these claims.

What are the best NMN brands?

The top brands of NMN are AlphaCell Labs, Double Wood and GenF20.

They’re known for the high-quality, high-purity NMN and are the best reviewed brands.

Whether you’re reading reviews on Reddit, TrustPilot, Amazon, Google, Facebook or individual brand websites, be sure to cross-reference across platforms to ensuring you buy NMN that delivers on its promises.

What is the best form of NMN to take?

The best form of NMN to take is in powder form within a capsule and stored within a UV tinted glass jar to prevent light and heat from degrading the NMN inside.

NMN powder benefits include high concentration, high bioavailability, longer shelf-life and convenience whether you’re at home, at work or travelling.

Other well-known forms include liposomal, sub-lingual, liquid drops, bulk powder, tablets/pills, chewables/gummies/lozenges and nasal spray/intranasal.

Why was NMN banned in the USA?

In 2022 the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in the USA announced an NMN ban saying that NMN was being investigated for use as a pharmaceutical drug.

Subsequently, the sale of NMN supplements within the USA would no longer be allowed but users could purchase NMN from outside the USA and have it shipped to an address within the USA.

For more information, please read our in-depth article on the banning of NMN within the USA.

Wrapping Up

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Taking the best NMN supplement on the market involves knowing the answers to these questions:

  • What is the source country of the product?
  • Is it manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility?
  • Do they have a high volume and quality of NMN supplement reviews?
  • What is the purity level of the NMN?
  • What is it stored in? (tinted glass is best to prevent light and heat degradation)

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