Longevity Supplements: Top 3 Supplements For Younger Looking Skin, Improved Energy And To Look And Feel AMAZING

Longevity Supplements: Top 3 Supplements For Younger Looking Skin, Improved Energy And To Look And Feel AMAZING

Taking supplements for longevity is one of the easiest ways to help extend your lifespan, healthspan, and maintain a youthful appearance.

Age-defying supplements are gaining popularity for their potential benefits to support healthy aging and combat the negative effects of time on your brain, body and skin.

And knowing a bit about the science behind these ‘youthing’ supplements and how they can benefit your overall health and well-being can even act as a placebo in itself.  

In this article, we will discuss 3 of the best anti-aging pills and their potential benefits, as well as expert opinions and insights into their effectiveness.

Top 3 Anti Aging Supplements For Increasing Longevity

Slowing down the aging process is the holy grail of health and well-being and it’s now more possible than ever thanks to advances in science, technology and nutritional discoveries.

The following three supplements for anti aging are some of the most effective to look and feel younger, and possibly even reverse aging.

1) NMN

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a molecule that supports longevity by increasing NAD+ levels, an essential coenzyme for cell metabolism.

NAD+ naturally declines with age, which is why many people take NMN.

NMN for longevity has become popular due to the many positive Harvard-backed scientific studies praising its benefits at the cellular level by improving energy metabolism.

And with the World Health Organization (WHO) classifying aging as a disease in 2018, it’s more important than ever to take control of your health.

Adding an NMN supplement to your daily routine can provide an overall boost in cellular health and energy and support your longevity goals.

NMN Longevity


2) Resveratrol

Resveratrol is one of the best longevity supplements due to its ability to protect the body from free radical damage.

Free radicals are produced simply by living life; through digesting food, inhaling toxins in the environment, using personal care products and even WIFI exposure.

Resveratrol is in the class of plant micronutrients called Polyphenols which are considered one of the top anti aging nutrients.

Polyphenols are compounds in plant foods and they have a number of health benefits including possible protection against development of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Foods containing resveratrol include berries, grapes, peanuts and even red wine.

Either a nutritional deficiency or a desire to increase resveratrol levels in the body are two reasons people supplement with resveratrol.

Resveratrol supplements often contain anywhere from 100 milligrams up to 500 milligrams per capsule, which is the recommended range for daily intake.

To make sure you’re taking anti aging supplements that work, having resveratrol as one of the main ingredients will help ensure you’re maintaining your polyphenol levels daily.

Resveratrol Longevity

3) Magnesium L Threonate

Oxidative stress has long been known as a contributor to early aging.

Oxidative stress occurs when there’s an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants within the body, which can cause cell and tissue damage.

It can lead to chronic inflammation which may contribute to several neuro-degenerative conditions.

You may have noticed the mainstream media reporting that more middle aged men and women are taking supplements that reverse aging to counteract common age-related brain issues.

Given that magnesium is an essential mineral that it is involved in more than 300 brain and body processes, it’s one of the top choices to counteract the negative effects of oxidative stress.

While magnesium helps to keep the brain young, function optimally and support memory, not all magnesium is absorbed into the body equally.

Magnesium L Threonate is a form of magnesium that has high bioavailability, which means it’s easily absorbed into the brain and body.

A study in 2020 discovered that magnesium L threonate helps to protect the brain against cell death and preserve cognitive function.

Magnesium L Threonate is one of the best anti aging supplements for cognitive function and is a must for anyone serious about an anti-aging routine.

Magnesium works synergistically with Vitamin B6. A study published on the National Library of Medicine showed that “the combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 was 24% more effective in reducing stress compared with magnesium alone in this subgroup of severely stressed healthy adults.”

Magnesium Longevity

Anti-Aging Factors

There are a lot of longevity factors that contribute to looking and staying younger, from lifestyle to exercise, diet, supplements, environment, work habits and even mindset.

When you take supplements to look younger, feel younger and have more energy, there are even ways to monitor their effectiveness.

These are…

Telomere Length

Telomeres are protective segments at the ends of chromosomes and play a big role in the aging process and therefore longevity extension.

Gradual shortening of telomeres has been shown to lead to cellular senescence and apoptosis, two major factors of aging and age-related problems.

In additional, lifestyle factors such as exercise, nutrition, chemical and toxin exposure can affect the pace at which telomeres shorten.

This is where life extending supplements containing certain nutrients can help slow the aging process.

Cell Rejuvenation

A key aspect of aging is cellular damage caused by various factors like oxidative stress.

Cell rejuvenation supplements such as N-acetylsysteince (NAC), glutathione and magnesium L threonate may help to support cellular health by combating oxidative stress and promoting the body's normal detoxification processes.

These cell renewal supplements along with the other two mentioned above in this article can help keep your cells younger and operating at peak to support your quest to look and feel younger.

Collagen Levels

Collagen provides skin firmness, so when it’s depleted, skin sags and looks older.

From age 20 we produce around 1% less collagen per year, which leads to thinner, more fragile skin.

Add UV light exposure, stress, inflammatory foods, a sedentary lifestyle and environmental toxins into the mix, skin integrity and appearance is under threat on a daily basis.

Mitochondria Activity

Mitochondria are small structures inside every cell in our bodies that make the majority of the energy for a cell.

Mitochondria influence or regulate a number of important elements of aging and studies show that a reduction in mitochondria function contributes to premature aging.

Longevity Benefits For Men And Women

Aside from the obvious positive effects of looking and feeling younger, there are many other benefits of prioritizing longevity, including:

  • Increased Healthspan (the length of time you’re healthy during your lifetime)
  • More time to spend with family, children, great grandchildren, etc.
  • Live an active lifestyle for longer
  • Keep working longer (staying mentally and socially engaged to prevent aging)
  • Build greater financial security for you, your family and future generations
  • Actively participate in volunteer work at home or abroad to give back to society and feel a sense of contribution to humanity
  • You’ll have more time to write that book you’ve got in mind!

While there are no guarantees, committing to a healthy lifestyle, a nutrient dense diet and targeted supplementation using the most effective anti aging supplements, you’ll be taking control and increasing your changes of a long, healthy,youthful life.

Which Anti-Aging Vitamins Help You Look And Feel Young?

Best Longevity Supplements

Vitamins play a crucial role in promoting a healthy life, healthy cells and younger looking skin.

And taking in the right vitamins for anti aging will be crucial to achieving not only a long life, but a healthy life.

This is important because the difference between ‘lifespan’ and ‘healthspan’ in the USA is currently around 16 years… which means that people are dealing with illness at some level for the final 16 years of their life.

So correctly supplementing with specific longevity vitamins can help to close the gap between healthspan and lifespan so that you’re not only living longer, but also living healthier.

Some vitamins that have been linked to longevity and healthy aging include:

• Vitamin C: This powerful antioxidant helps protect your cells from damage, supports your immune system and is a common ingredient in many anti aging vitamin supplements

• Vitamin D: This essential nutrient supports bone health, immune function, and may play a role in preventing certain chronic diseases.

• Vitamin E: This antioxidant supports heart health and may help reduce the risk of age-related issues.

You can get these vitamins from sources such as fruits and vegetables, as well as from supplements if you’d like to ensure your receiving adequate daily amounts.

We’ve already mentioned these three scientifically proven anti aging supplements too: NMN, Resveratrol and Magnesium L Threonate.

And including other youth-promoting supplements, vitamins and minerals can help ensure your brain, body and skin are getting all the right anti aging compounds that make you look and feel your best.

Longevity Diet And Supplementation

Even the best supplements for longevity are not meant to replace a healthy diet, but instead complement it.

So when used in combination, a healthy diet and proper supplementation can help you truly start to reap the benefits of your anti-aging lifestyle choices.

Clinical data on anti ageing supplements may be important for some, but a common sense approach is often the best way to manage your longevity lifestyle.

A diet high in vegetables is the foundation for a long life along with sensible eating that isn’t too fanatical can help remove the tension that can often accompany life extension goals.

Skin Anti-Aging: Enjoy Younger Looking Skin Regardless Of Your Age

Enjoying radiant, youthful-looking skin is more about what you put in your body than on your skin.

The beauty and cosmetic industry would love to have you think otherwise, but the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to skin health.

Anti-aging nutrients are plentiful, and can include collagen peptides, vitamin E, CoQ10, vitamin C and just about every vitamin and mineral you can think of.

And while each is important, the best supplements for anti aging include the three we’ve listed above.

These supplements keep you healthy on the inside and out, at the cellular level up to your skin including elasticity, hydration, texture, overall complexion and may help to reduce wrinkles.

The Best Vitamins For Wrinkles Such As Crows Feet

Getting adequate amounts of certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients can be tough nowadays due to depleted nutrients in our soils from industrial farming practices.

Taking supplements for wrinkles to maintain healthier, younger skin can help bridge this nutritional gap.

The primary benefit of supplementation is ‘concentration’.

High quality supplement ingredients will include the best vitamins for wrinkles in a concentrated dose.

So even if you’re not getting enough from foods, you can top-up with the right supplements to ensure you maintain recommended amounts of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E, NMN, resveratrol, B vitamins and others.

Taking pills for wrinkles specifically is smart way to prevent unsightly ‘crows feet’ wrinkles as well as other common signs of aging such as facial lines, forehead lines and jowls.

Anti Aging Medicine Vs Supplements: Which Is Better?

Longevity Supplements

If you’re weighing up anti aging pills from pharmaceutical companies versus supplements there are a few things to consider.

The two biggest factors are ingredients and side effects.

With medicine often comes both known and unknown side effects.

Whereas anti aging herbal supplements have been around for thousands of years, but it’s only been in the last 100 years or so that they’ve been in capsule form.

Before that they were taken in teas, tinctures, creams, lotions, soaking body parts in solutions and more.

While proven anti aging supplements can have side effects too, it’s usually related to taking too high a dosage or a person-specific issue where a person’s genetic makeup reacts to an ingredient for one or more reasons.

This is rare, and one can mitigate this potential issue by simply starting with the smallest dose possible, then increasing from there as desired or recommended.

Reputable longevity capsules will list ingredients on the bottle, thereby helping you do any necessary due diligence to ensure you’re taking in only substances that agree with you.

Is Reversing Aging Even Possible? What Experts Say

In the search for longevity and aging-related solutions, it's crucial to consider the insights from renowned experts in the field.

Two prominent experts who have shared their perspectives on longevity and age reversing supplements include…

David Sinclair

David Sinclair, a well-known molecular biologist and geneticist, has been studying aging and potential anti-aging interventions for many years.

In several interviews and his book, Sinclair outlines the best vitamins to look younger that he himself takes.

Some of the supplements he takes include nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), resveratrol, metformin, and vitamin D3.

NMN and resveratrol are thought to activate sirtuins, a class of proteins that play a role in cellular health and longevity.

Metformin, an anti-diabetic drug, has been associated with a reduced risk of age-related issues.

And vitamin D3 supports overall health, with higher dosage recommendations in older adults.

Dr. Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach, a naturopathic physician known for his research on trace minerals and their impact on human health, emphasizes the importance of a balanced supplement regimen containing well-known longevity vitamins and minerals.

While he doesn't specifically prescribe a list of pro-longevity supplements, his general recommendations focus on balancing nutrient intake, particularly trace minerals, to support overall health and prevent various ailments related to deficiencies.

These insights align with the concept of Blue Zones, regions with exceptionally high longevity rates, where dietary patterns are rich in essential nutrients, including minerals.

Evidence from such experts suggests that a combination of targeted supplements that include the best vitamins for longevity, along with a healthy lifestyle, may support longevity and well-being as you age.

Longevity Practices

Two countries known for their exceptional life expectancy are China and Japan.

Here are some of the key factors contributing to their long lifespans and the possible lessons you can take away from their lifestyles.

Chinese Longevity

Chinese longevity practices are deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, an approach to health that focuses on the body's vital energy, or "qi," and the balance between Yin and Yang.

Some core components of Chinese longevity practice include:

• Herbs: Incorporating ginseng, goji berries and others into your daily diet may help improve your overall health and vitality.

• Physical Exercise: Activities like Tai Chi and Qigong, which combine physical movements, breathing, and mental focus, promote circulation, relaxation, and overall well-being. Integrating these into your fitness routine may contribute to a longer and healthier life.

• Diet: A balanced diet, rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats is essential. Focus on incorporating nutrient-dense and immune-boosting foods while minimizing processed and high-sugar products.

Japanese Longevity

Japan is well-known for having one of the highest life expectancies in the world, with the island of Okinawa being particularly famous for its long-lived residents.

Some factors contributing to Japanese longevity include:

• Diet: The traditional Japanese diet emphasizes an abundance of vegetables, fish, mushrooms, soy products, and fermented foods. This provides a nutrient-rich, low-calorie diet that promotes health and longevity. The concept of "hara hachi bu," or eating until you are 80% full, also emphasizes mindfulness and portion control.

• Physical Activity: Regular moderate exercise, such as walking, cycling, or gardening, is a common daily habit among older Japanese people. This aids in maintaining mobility, preventing obesity, and boosting overall well-being.

• Social Connectedness: Strong community bonds and an emphasis on social interaction play a significant role in the quality of life and mental health of Japanese elders. Cultivating meaningful relationships and participating in group activities can contribute to emotional well-being and longevity.

By examining the longevity practices of these two countries, you can gain insights and inspiration for your own journey towards a healthier, longer life.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones are regions where people live significantly longer than the average population.

These areas have been studied extensively to understand the factors contributing to their longevity.

You can learn more about these regions, their lifestyle habits, and dietary practices to apply those principles to your own life.

Fasting and Longevity

Fasting has been associated with various health benefits, including potential impacts on lifespan.

You can explore research on fasting methods such as intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and more extended fasts.

Understanding different fasting approaches and their effects on longevity can guide you in making informed decisions about incorporating fasting into your routine.


Do Anti Ageing Pills Work?

Some pills can help slow or even reverse the ageing process depending on the ingredients.

Taking pills to look younger can be helpful because of minerally-deficient soils from industrial farming that has left fruits and vegetables devoid of essential nutrients.

As always, research the product ingredients and the manufacturer to ensure you’re taking in only high quality ingredients that will support your healthy ageing goals.

What are the best anti wrinkle vitamins?

The best vitamins to prevent or reduce wrinkles include vitamins C, E, Bs, A, resveratrol, selenium, zinc, NMN and others.

Any high quality anti wrinkle pill will contain either one or more of these vitamins or another ingredient known for its anti-aging properties.

What is the best anti aging supplement?

The top recommended supplement and/or vitamin to look younger will vary depending on which expert you talk to, but experts like David Sinclair and Dr Wallach are big proponents of NMN.

NMN and lifespan are inextricably linked thanks to one study that found the life expectancy of mice could be increased by more than 20% using NMN.

Longevity and anti aging devotees have joined the NMN bandwagon by adding it to their supplement regime and healthy lifestyle.

What are the recommended anti aging supplements for women?

The top supplements for health-conscious women wanting to look and feel younger include resveratrol, NMN and magnesium L threonate.

These are among the best supplements for skin anti aging, brain youthing, cellular health and well-being.

Women should also make sure they’re taking in the top anti aging vitamins recommended by experts including vitamins A, E and C, either through diet and/or supplementation.

What are the recommended anti aging supplements for men?

Recommended and popular supplements for age-conscious men include NMN, resveratrol and magnesium L threonate.

More men are becoming health and youthing-conscious, seeking the best supplement for aging skin, brain and cellular health.

Deliberating taking supplements and vitamins to look younger can have not only physical benefits, but mental and emotional benefits such as liking what you see in the mirror.

What are some little-known or unorthodox supplements, vitamins and foods related to longevity?

Other vitamins to live longer, as well as supplements and rather unorthodox foods include: Spermidine, cymbiotika mushroom, Chinese longevity spinach, glucosamine, alpha lipoic acid, melatonin, turmeric/curcumin, CoQ10 and Korean longevity mushroom extract.

Seeking the magic supplement or vitamin for anti aging can be tempting but ultimately a balanced diet, active lifestyle and targeted supplementation is the most sensible approach.

What are some recommended anti aging supplements for skin health?

Keeping your skin young, radiant, smooth and wrinkle-free requires more than winning the genetic lottery.

Taking the following supplements for aging skin will help rejuvenate and restore that youthful glow: CoQ10, NMN, Vitamin C, Resveratrol, Vitamin E and Collagen.

Popular anti aging skin supplements like these will boost cell health and collagen levels resulting in a smoother texture, younger and brighter looking skin.

These vitamins and minerals can be gained from dietary sources as well, but these may not be adequate enough to deliver the true youthing benefits you’re seeking.

Increasing your intake of these minerals and vitamins for aging skin on a daily basis, combined with detoxing of chemicals and toxins can help maintain your skin’s healthy look and feel.

Final Thoughts

By integrating one or more of the 3 top anti aging supplements for 2023 mentioned above, you can get on track to achieving your healthy aging goals.

Before taking any anti ageing vitamins or minerals in supplement form or otherwise, it's important to keep in mind that these should always be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle for optimal results.

Regardless of the healthy aging supplements you choose, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new regimen.