Tribulus For Bodybuilding: Everything To Know Before You Buy (Benefits, Dosage, Taking Tribulus For Muscle And Strength)

Tribulus For Bodybuilding: Everything To Know Before You Buy (Benefits,  Dosage, Taking Tribulus For Muscle And Strength)

If you’re considering supplementing with tribulus terrestris for bodybuilding purposes to build muscle and strength, this article reveals everything you need to know before you buy.

Discover how tribulus impacts your body’s testosterone levels which in turn influences muscle growth and recovery to maximize your workouts.

Then find out the best tribulus terrestris supplement for muscle building, strength gains, performance and stamina.

Let’s dive in…

Tribulus Terrestris For Bodybuilding

Tribulus terrestris is a herbal supplement that has gained attention in the bodybuilding community for its potential to help build muscle mass.

Originating from a plant, it has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine but is now commonly considered by athletes seeking healthy ways to enhance their training and muscle gains.

The active compounds in tribulus are believed to contribute to testosterone production, which plays a critical role in muscle development.

While some studies suggest a connection between tribulus supplementation and improved muscle strength, it's important to approach these findings with a degree of caution, as results can be variable.

Incorporating tribulus into your workout routine should be done intelligently.

The typical dosage range varies, but it is usually between 770 milligrams to 1,250 milligrams per day, according to bodybuilding websites.

However, those interested in bodybuilding supplements such as tribulus should consult a healthcare provider for specific medical advice.

Athletes considering tribulus for muscle gains are often drawn to its reported benefits such as:

  • Enhanced testosterone levels
  • Increased stamina and performance
  • Improved recovery post-exercise

Despite its popularity, the bodybuilding efficacy of tribulus requires more rigorous scientific backing.

Users should ensure that any expectations are aligned with current evidence and not solely on anecdotal experiences.

A responsible approach to supplementation, combined with proper diet and training is essential to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Taking Tribulus For Muscle Gains: How It Works

Tribulus terrestris is a supplement derived from an herb and is traditionally used in bodybuilding with the intent to enhance muscle gain.

The herb contains active compounds known as saponins, with protodioscin being of particular interest for its potential role in boosting testosterone levels.

Bodybuilders take tribulus for muscle growth for a few reasons:

Saponins: These compounds, particularly protodioscin, are reported to stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which can signal the testes to increase testosterone production.

Testosterone: Known as the key male hormone, testosterone is crucial for muscle growth and development. By naturally stimulating the body's testosterone, Tribulus terrestris is theorized to improve strength and lean muscle mass.

Here's a quick breakdown of the components and their functions:

Protodioscin - may stimulate LH and boost testosterone levels.

Saponins - the chemical compounds believed to aid in testosterone production.

Testosterone - a hormone essential for muscle development and strength.

While some anecdotal evidence exists supporting tribulus terrestris as an effective supplement for muscle gain, scientific research reports mixed results.

Bodybuilders might experience variations in effectiveness due to individual physiology and existing testosterone levels.

It is important for users to consult with health professionals to assess the suitability and safe dosage of this supplement for their specific needs.

Using Tribulus For Strength Building

Tribulus terrestris is widely recognized in the bodybuilding community for its potential role in aiding muscle strength and development.

When integrated into a bodybuilder's regimen, the supplementation of tribulus terrestris is often timed around training periods.

The theory is that its androgenic effects may naturally help to increase testosterone levels, which can be particularly beneficial during intense training phases where testosterone is otherwise depleted.

Here's a brief overview of how tribulus may be utilized:

Supplementation: Often taken in pill, powder or capsule form

Dosage: Varies depending on individual needs and product concentration

Timing: May be taken pre or post-workout, or as directed by a healthcare professional

Potential Benefits:

  • Aids in muscle mass and strength
  • Supports increased testosterone
  • Helps with recovery during training

Bodybuilders might consider tribulus as a natural complement to their strength-building efforts, although it is imperative they consult a healthcare professional prior to beginning any new supplement to ensure it aligns with their health and fitness goals.

Effectiveness: While some athletes report positive results, scientific evidence on the efficacy of Tribulus for muscle strength is still inconclusive.

Therefore, individuals are advised to approach supplementation with a balanced perspective, considering both potential benefits and the need for more research.

Tribulus For Gym Workouts: Impact And Benefits

When considering supplements for enhancing gym workouts, Tribulus terrestris is noted for its potential to influence energy and performance.

It is often associated with benefits both before and after workouts, affecting stamina, muscle recovery, and energy levels.

Tribulus Pre-Workout Benefits

Taking tribulus before a workout is believed to have an impact on athletic performance by naturally stimulating the production of testosterone, contributing to heightened energy and improved strength during intensive training sessions.

Individuals may also experience faster recovery rates, preparing them for more consistent training routines without fatigue.

Tribulus Post-Workout Benefits

After exercise, tribulus terrestris may aid in muscle recovery.

Its properties help in reducing muscle damage, which is crucial for recovery, thereby allowing athletes to potentially shorten the time needed between workouts.

It’s known for supporting the body's own mechanisms in dealing with the physical stress caused by heavy lifting or extensive training routines.

Tribulus Terrestris Dosage For Bodybuilding

When considering tribulus terrestris for muscle building and strength gains, sticking to an optimal dosage can be critical for effectiveness.

The compound's potency will be influenced by the concentration of active ingredients like protodioscin and saponins, and can vary depending on the extract's standardization.

Active individuals seeking to incorporate tribulus terrestris into their regimen should be mindful of the recommended dosages, which are usually divided into several tiers based on an individual's experience and goals.


At a 250mg dose, individuals may begin to experience the potential benefits of tribulus terrestris.

This starter dosage is often recommended for new users to gauge tolerance and can be taken with breakfast or pre-workout.


A 500mg dose can be considered by those who have previously consumed tribulus without adverse effects and are looking to incrementally increase their intake.

Consistency is key, and this dosage may be taken daily as part of a structured supplementation routine.


A dosage of 750mg is often used by individuals seeking more pronounced effects in their muscle building.

It's important to ensure the extract is standardized to contain a substantial level of saponins, the primary active compound.


At 1000mg, individuals should be well-acquainted with their responses to tribulus supplements.

Such a dosage is closer to the upper levels of recommendations, where it is believed to support the enhancement of muscle strength and development.


1500mg represents a high-end dosage of tribulus terrestris and is generally reserved for experienced users with a deep understanding of their body's reaction to the herb.

Here is a general outline of potential tribulus dosages based on bodyweight:

Person 1: Bodyweight: 160lbs (72kg)
Activity Level:  Daily exercise (workout, cardio)
Dosage:  Up to 500mg per day (or as directed by your health professional)
Take: am/pm, pre/post workout
Cycle: Either 4 days on/3 days off…or 2 weeks on/1 week off

Person 2: Bodyweight: 180lbs (81kg)
Activity Level:  Daily exercise (workout, cardio)
Dosage: Between 500mg and 1000mg per day (or as directed by your health professional)
Take: am/pm, pre/post workout
Cycle: Either 4 days on/3 days off…or 2 weeks on/1 week off

Person 3: Bodyweight: 200lbs (90kg)
Activity Level:  Daily exercise (workout, cardio)
Dosage:  Between 500mg and 1000mg per day (or as directed by your health professional)
Take: am/pm, pre/post workout
Cycle: Either 4 days on/3 days off…or 2 weeks on/1 week off

Person 4: Bodyweight: 220lbs (100kg)
Activity Level:  Daily exercise (workout, cardio)
Dosage:  Between 500mg and 1000mg per day (or as directed by your health professional)
Take: am/pm, pre/post workout
Cycle: Either 4 days on/3 days off…or 2 weeks on/1 week off

It is imperative to consult a healthcare professional before beginning a tribulus supplementation program, taking into account potential side effects based on your physical makeup and activity levels.

Selecting the right dosage of tribulus should be a carefully considered decision based on your goals and responses to the supplement.

It's essential that you only select high-quality, standardized extracts for the most reliable potency and effect.

Supplementing Tribulus Terrestris: Your Options Explained

When incorporating a tribulus supplement for bodybuilding, individuals have several forms to choose from, each with specific dosages and potential benefits.

Here are your options:


Capsules are a convenient and the most popular way to consume tribulus terrestris as a bodybuilding supplement.

They usually contain a precise amount of the herbal extract, often standardized to a certain percentage of active ingredients, such as saponins and protodioscin.

Capsules can be taken with water, juice or a protein drink.

The typical dosage ranges but can be found in amounts from 250-750 mg with breakfast, and a similar amount 30-60 minutes before workouts.

One tribulus capsule brand to consider is AlphaCell Lab’s MOJO HEAT tribulus supplement.

Tribulus Bodybuilding Supplement


The powder form allows bodybuilders to tailor their tribulus intake and add it to shakes or other beverages.

It's essential to use a scale for accurate dosing. The powders can vary in concentration of active ingredients, so reading the label for proper serving suggestions is a must.

As it is mixed into a liquid, absorption may be faster.


Similar to capsules, tribulus tablets for bodybuilding offer a measured dose of tribulus and are taken orally, but they sometimes contain binders and fillers.

Tablets may come in a variety of doses, with doses ranging from 770 milligrams to 1,250 milligrams per day being common in studies regarding muscle-building.


Liquid forms of tribulus terrestris are available as tinctures or extracts and can be taken directly or added to water.

This format may offer quicker absorption and easier digestibility.

Finding a product with a standardized amount of active ingredients will help maintain consistent dosing for those looking to use it as a testosterone booster.

When To Take Tribulus

Timing is crucial for maximizing the efficacy of tribulus terrestris supplementation.

It is suggested that the supplement should be taken consistently and in relation to physical activity to potentially support testosterone production and sexual health.


Taking tribulus on an empty stomach in the morning may facilitate better absorption.

This could contribute positively to hormone regulation throughout the day, impacting factors like libido.


Consumption during the day should also be on an empty stomach, ideally half an hour before meals.

This routine can maintain consistent levels of the supplement's active ingredients in the bloodstream.


Some evidence suggests that hormone production, including testosterone, is higher at night. Taking tribulus in the evening may support this natural rhythm.

Before Bed

Tribulus taken before bed may assist with overnight recovery processes. Sexual health could benefit from this practice as hormone production is active during sleep.


Athletes often take tribulus 30 to 60 minutes prior to workouts to potentially synergize with natural hormone cycles and maximize exercise performance.


After working out, tribulus might help in rebalancing hormones affected by strenuous physical activity.

This is a period where recovery begins, and supporting testosterone levels could be advantageous.

Types Of Tribulus Terrestris

There are two main types of tribulus terrestris that you’ll find available for sale on supplement websites, Bulgarian and Black tribulus…

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

Highly regarded for its quality and has been traditionally used in Bulgaria for its supposed muscle-building and stamina-enhancing properties.

It is often standardized to contain a specific percentage of active compounds, ensuring consistent potency.

Black Tribulus Terrestris

Hailing from regions like Vietnam and India, tlack tribulus terrestris is seen less frequently in the market but is utilized in similar capacities to its Bulgarian counterpart.

It is sometimes incorporated into Ayurvedic medicine, reflecting its cultural and medicinal heritage in India.


The root of tribulus terrestris is known to be rich in active compounds and is used differently in various traditional practices.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the root is sometimes applied to support urinary tract health.


Extract forms of tribulus terrestris have gained popularity for their convenience and higher concentrations of active ingredients.

These extracts are often standardized to certain saponin content, which is believed by some to tie directly to the herb’s efficacy, especially in China and India, where these standards are more strictly measured.

Benefits Of Tribulus For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders use tribulus supplements with the aim of increasing muscle mass and strength, given the plant's association with increased testosterone production.

High testosterone levels are linked to the body's ability to build muscle and maintain lean muscle mass.

Endurance and Performance: Some athletes turn to tribulus in hopes of enhancing their endurance and overall athletic performance.

The belief is that by naturally stimulating testosterone, one may see a decrease in fat and an increase in stamina during workouts.

Post-Workout Recovery: The supplementation of tribulus can be strategically timed, such as taking it post-workout, to maximize potential benefits such as shorter recovery times and improved energy levels, as suggested by reviews on bodybuilding recovery.

While tribulus is known for these benefits in bodybuilding circles, individuals should approach its use with caution and under professional guidance.

It must be noted that despite its popularity, results can vary from person to person and the scientific community provides mixed reviews regarding its efficacy.

No supplement can replace a balanced diet, proper training regimen and adequate rest, all of which are fundamental to achieving bodybuilding goals.

Tribulus And Testosterone

Tribulus terrestris is often associated with potential benefits in boosting testosterone levels, especially in the context of bodybuilding.

It is thought to stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone (LH), which can signal the testes to produce more testosterone, a key sex hormone vital for muscle growth and overall vitality.

One of the primary active compounds in tribulus, protodioscin, has been suggested to increase LH levels, which in turn may elevate testosterone levels.

By facilitating the release of LH and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), it could potentially support testosterone production. However, scientific studies have provided mixed results.

While some evidence suggests a positive correlation between tribulus supplementation and hormone levels, other studies have not found significant changes in testosterone levels or improvements in muscle strength.

For example, specific research involving CrossFit® trained athletes indicated that Tribulus did not improve athletic performance or body composition significantly.

It's important for individuals to understand that while tribulus might support hormone levels, its effectiveness can be variable and is not guaranteed.

Bodybuilders considering tribulus should do so with realistic expectations and possibly under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Given the conflicting evidence, bodybuilders must approach tribulus supplementation critically, recognizing that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution for increasing testosterone.

Tribulus And Liver

Tribulus terrestris is often regarded for its potential benefits in bodybuilding, but its impact on the liver is a consideration for those incorporating it into their supplement regimen.

Given the liver’s pivotal role in detoxification and metabolism, it’s crucial for bodybuilders to understand how supplements may have an impact on their liver health.

Regarding liver safety, it’s essential to refer to scientific research.

While some studies have shown that tribulus appears to be safe when used in appropriate dosages, comprehensive long-term exams specifically assessing liver integrity are scarce.

Any individual should be mindful of potential hepatotoxicity, particularly when consuming higher than recommended doses or using supplements from unverified sources.

Attention to dosage: Overconsumption of any supplement, including tribulus, could pose a risk to liver health. Following recommended guidelines is crucial for safety.

Quality of supplement: The purity and sourcing of Tribulus supplements can vary greatly, which may also influence liver health outcomes.

Tribulus and Cholesterol - In terms of healthy cholesterol, studies suggest that tribulus may support lipid metabolism, which could have implications on cholesterol levels.

However, the exact effects on liver health and cholesterol management are not yet fully established.

Bodybuilders considering tribulus for its potential cholesterol-modulating effects should do so under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

In summary, while bodybuilders may be drawn to tribulus for its purported benefits, maintaining liver health should be a priority.

Regular monitoring, choosing high-quality supplements, and consulting with healthcare professionals can help mitigate potential risks to liver health.

Common Tribulus Supplement Combinations

When integrating tribulus terrestris into a bodybuilding supplement protocol, bodybuilders often combine it with other supplements to enhance physical performance and muscle growth.

Specific combinations can serve distinct purposes, from muscle recovery to increased energy levels.

Tribulus And Protein

Combining tribulus with a protein supplement can assist in muscle repair and growth.

Protein provides the essential amino acids necessary for muscle synthesis, while tribulus can aid in optimizing the hormonal environment for muscle development.

Tribulus And Creatine

Creatine is another popular supplement used with tribulus terrestris.

Creatine aids in increasing muscle energy during high-intensity training by replenishing ATP levels, potentially enhancing the effects of tribulus on strength and muscle gain.

Tribulus And Maca

Maca root, like tribulus, is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are known to help the body manage stress and may balance hormone levels.

The combination of tribulus and maca might contribute to increased stamina and improved hormonal health.

Tribulus And Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha and tribulus for bodybuilding may provide dual benefits.

Ashwagandha is known to help reduce cortisol levels, which can improve muscle growth and recovery when combined with the reputed testosterone-boosting effects of tribulus.

Tribulus And Amino Acids

Supplementing with tribulus and amino acids directly supports the muscle recovery process.

Amino acids, particularly branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), are critical for muscle repair and growth, whereas tribulus is believed to optimize the hormonal environment for muscle building.

Tribulus And Zinc Citrate

Combining tribulus terrestris and zinc citrate can enhance the supplement's potential to support testosterone levels, as zinc plays a crucial role in hormonal balance and function.

Additionally, this combination may offer synergistic effects that contribute to improved athletic performance and recovery by supporting muscle health and overall vitality.

Tribulus And Ginkgo Biloba

Combining tribulus terrestris and Ginkgo biloba may offer complementary benefits, as the former is often used to support vitality and athletic performance, while the latter is known for its potential to enhance cognitive function and circulation.

This blend could potentially aid in improving both physical endurance and mental clarity, making it a multifaceted approach to overall wellness.


In this section, we address some common queries about the use of tribulus in bodybuilding to help clarify its effects and properties.

How much does tribulus terrestris cost?

The price of tribulus terrestrist can range from USD$10-$80 with high quality tribulus supplements without fillers and preservatives costing between USD$50 to USD$80.

Is tribulus a steroid?

Tribulus terrestris is not a steroid; it is a plant-based supplement.

It is often used in an attempt to enhance athletic performance and muscle gains, but it is entirely different from synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Does tribulus help with weight lifting?

Some athletes believe that tribulus may aid in weight lifting by potentially increasing strength and lean muscle mass.

However, scientific evidence to conclusively support these effects is not robust, indicating a need for more research.

What is the best tribulus terrestris for bodybuilding?

AlphaCell Lab’s Mojo Heat is a premium tribulus supplement for bodybuilders seeking increased muscle and strength gains.

With 500mg of tribulus per capsule along with 60mg of Ginkgo Biloba, Mojo Heat can help improve blood circulation to muscles and a certain male appendage, increasing libido.

What is the most potent tribulus terrestris?

The potency of tribulus terrestris can often be indicated by the amount of active compounds, such as saponins, it contains.

The most potent extracts are those standardized to a higher percentage of these saponins.

Does tribulus terrestris increase testosterone?

There is ongoing debate regarding the effectiveness of tribulus terrestris in increasing testosterone levels.

Some studies suggest potential benefits while others do not show significant changes in testosterone levels in humans.

Does tribulus build muscle?

Tribulus helps to boost testosterone levels which is a primary hormone involved in the growth and repair of muscles.

Therefore, indirectly, tribulus may help build muscle.

Wrapping Up

Taking tribulus for muscle building and strength is popular within the bodybuilding community.

With its ability to increase testosterone levels which in turn can support muscle and strength gains, tribulus can form part of a solid bodybuilding supplement program.

For a premium tribulus terrestris supplement with 500mg dosage per capsule along with Ginkgo Biloba (60mg), consider AlphaCell Lab’s MOJO HEAT.

Best Tribulus Bodybuilding Supplement