2023 STUDY NMN intake increases plasma NMN and insulin levels in healthy subjects


To determine the effects of daily NMN ingestion on plasma levels of NMN and NAD+.


In this study, a group of healthy volunteers took 250 mg of NMN once a day in the morning for 12 weeks. Throughout the study, the researchers measured the levels of NMN and NAD+ in the volunteers' blood each month. Additionally, they conducted various tests on the participants' physiological and laboratory parameters, both before and during the NMN intake, which took place within 2 hours after lunch at 2 pm.


Results and Discussion

The study focused on determining the plasma concentrations of NAD+ and NMN in healthy volunteers. It was found that the plasma NAD+ concentration was approximately 100 times lower than the blood NAD+ concentration, while the plasma NMN concentration was around 10 times higher than the blood NMN concentration. This difference in concentrations is likely due to the presence of NAD+ and NMN in red blood cells, which strongly affects the observed plasma concentrations.

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