Nootropic Ashwagandha + Theanine + Zinc AlphaCell Labs
Nootropic Ashwagandha + Theanine + Zinc AlphaCell Labs
Nootropic Ashwagandha + Theanine + Zinc AlphaCell Labs
Nootropic Ashwagandha + Theanine + Zinc AlphaCell Labs
Nootropic Ashwagandha + Theanine + Zinc AlphaCell Labs

Nootropic Ashwagandha + Theanine + Zinc

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Our brains and body repair during sleep. AlphaCell ATZ is an ultra-premium formula that repairs and nourishes the brain with nootropics as you sleep.

Unlike our NMN supplements which are taken during the day for their energy-boosting effects, our ATZ capsules are used before bed to enhance your deep sleep. Benefits of Ashwagandha and theanine include improved brain function, mood, relief from stress and anxiety, muscle strength, and increased time spent in deep sleep.

What makes it different?

The Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) in ATZ is certified organic and patented by Sensoril®. This type of Ashwagandha supplement contains 10% withanolides making it more potent than the market standard of 2% withanolides.

ATZ also contains theanine, which is the amino acid found in green tea. It produces calming brainwaves.

Used before sleep, theanine helps nourish the brain at night by promoting REM sleep.

This is why ATZ is a comprehensive, full-spectrum relaxation formula.

Stemming from an ashwagandha root extract, other ingredients that work synergistically to complement each other

ATZ is enhanced with black pepper. Black Pepper is known to improve the bioavailability of nutrients ensuring you are getting the best absorption possible for your health.

ATZ does NOT contain Melatonin. Supplements that provide melatonin suppress the body’s own ability to produce melatonin.

ATZ does not contain ingredients that cause sedation or drowsiness and the product may be taken during the day for a sense of calmness.

ATZ can be taken with a caffeinated beverage such as coffee to provide a sense of smooth, focused energy without jitters and a caffeine crash.

The ATZ box can be kept and used to store the products protecting it from light and sunlight.

100% Made in Australia

Full Ingredient Breakdown

Sensoril® Ashwagandha 5:1 - 150mg, Equiv. 750mg

Theanine - 250mg

Zinc Citrate - 50mg, Equiv. Elemental: 16mg

Magnesium Chelate - 125mg, Equiv. Elemental: 25mg

Vitamin B6 - 13mg, Equiv. 8.23

Vitamin D3 - 1000IU

Vitamin B12 - 12mcg

Black Pepper 50:1 - 1mg Equiv. 50mg



For Sleep - 1 Capsule an hour before sleep

For Relaxation & Stress Relief - 1 Capsule any time of day

For Focused Energy - 1 Capsule with a caffeinated beverage

Each Bottle Contains 56 Capsules (2 Months Supply)

Take a 2-week break between bottles.




Keep out of reach from children

Always read the label and follow the directions of the product

Check with a healthcare professional to see if the product is suitable for you

If symptoms persist, stop immediately and consult a healthcare professional

Vitamins and supplements should not replace a balanced diet.